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Slim Miller’s Cycle Analysis Workshop By Steve “Slim” Miller – Instant Download!

Slim Miller’s Cycle Analysis Workshop
A 20 Module, 23 Supporting Videos = A 43-Video Immersion Workshop with Steve “Slim” Miller

Improve your trading or investing
by learning a whole different style of analysis understood by only a few…
In this course, Slim is going to take you through a comprehensive learning process. Each module builds on the one before it. Slim’s clear teaching approach will bring you to a great understanding of this charting style.

This course is for traders of all levels who have a basic understanding of charting. In the 20+ videos, you will learn cycle analysis from the very basic definitions and “Principals,” through cycle identification and the meaning of the intricate layers of energies and correlations of charts of multiple time frames.

In this extensive 20 Core Video Course, with 23 Supporting videos (yes, that’s 43 videos, over 24+ hours of content) you will learn:

Here’s a Breakdown of the Modules of the Cycle Analysis Workshop

  • Learn how to take a simple chart and make it your “canvas;” a place to illustrate, create visuals and store your analytical work, projections, notations and ideas. Then nothing is lost and it’s all there for you when you return as you analyze and connect to your own trading universe.
  • Build on your charts in layers, like an artist, adding to the picture with cycle patterns, momentum indicators and other key studies, projecting time and price.
  • Deepen your understanding of the natural rhythms in stocks, futures, indexes and ETFs.
  • Use your new knowledge to establish directional bias, trading ideas and manage trade size per your better understanding of present opportunities or market changes.
  • Raise your trading or investing win/loss percentage with improved entries, exits and knowledge of how to ride the big impulses in the markets.

Module 1 – Introduction: How Slim came to cycle analysis and the introduction to “The Book,” “Profit Magic of Stock Transition Timing,” JM Hurst

Module 2 – Basics of “Cycle Analysis:” How cycles show up in nature – The basic language with a downloadable glossary

Module 3 – Hurst’s “Eight Principals of Cycle Analysis” This is the core of the work, graphically explained in detail, with downloadable definitions of each of Hurst’s Principals

Module 4 – Identifying Cycles: Learn to place “Cycle Brackets” by identifying the energetic forces, use of multiple time frames. Operate more intuitively, thus improving sense of market direction and trade bias

Module 5 – Tools to Help Identify Cycles: Using moving averages, oscillators, enveloping and more to improve your ability to ID cycle patterns

Module 6 – The Deeper Meaning of Cycles of Varying Length: Study he interworking of dominant & minor cycle patterns applying the “Principal of Summation” to sense trend quality and changes

Module 7 – Defining Trend: Learning the embedded code of cycle shapes, configurations and translations. Applying Slim’s tools that help, including Slim Ribbons and Projection oscillator

Module 8 – Dealing with Cycle Confusion: Solving changes in cycle lengths, phase shifts, dominance, and learning what the changes mean

Module 9 – How Cycles Create Chart Patterns: See how the amazing interworkings of cycle patterns create “Head & Shoulders” “M” “V” “Flags” “Pennants” and many more. Learn the important messages that come as these formations appear

Module 10 – Effects of Momentum on Cycle Patterns: Slim reviews his favorite momentum indicators in detail, and shows the correlation between momentum and cycle patterns

Module 11 – Using Candlesticks to ID Peaks and Troughs: A look at many candlestick patterns; the strong messages they provide about turning points in cycle patterns

Module 12 – Gaps and Cycle Patterns: A look at four types of gaps and the messages they provide to great opportunities

Module 13 – VTLs (Valid Trend Lines): Learn a great tool to help identify trend and cycle breakouts and breakdowns

Module 14 – Setting Alerts: After building an analytical universe, there is a lot to follow. Let the trading platform help alert you to specific situations and opportunities with VTLs, trendlines and price levels

Module 15 – Price & Directional Projections: Using the information from cycle shapes to make directional projections, establish price targets and identify changes in strength conditions

Module 16 – Swing High, Swing Low Analysis: Improve entry and exit location by identifying support/resistance zones

Module 17 – Intraday Cycles: How to best use cycle analysis if you are a day trader or scalper – Cycles on intraday charts

Module 18 – Cycle Synchronicity – Major Market Messages: Stock charts synchronize, helping identify major market peaks and troughs. Slim looks at market leaders at historical bull market tops and bottoms and applies the information to current times

Module 19 – Putting it all Together: This is a review of what has been learned, building your analytical universe and how to deal with the challenges that will arise as we develop into cycle analysts

Bonus Module 20: Addendum – Explanation of how to use Slim’s proprietary studies with cycle analysis

Slim Miller’s Cycle Analysis Workshop By Steve “Slim” Miller, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Cycle Analysis
  • Module 2 – Basics of Cycle Analysis
  • Module 3 – Hurst’s Eight Principals of Cycle Analysis
  • Module 4 – Identifying Cycles
  • Module 5 – Tools to Help Identify Cycles
  • Module 6 – The Deeper Meaning of Cycles of Varying Length
  • Module 7 – Defining Trend
  • Module 8 – Dealing with Cycle Confusion
  • Module 9 – How Cycles Create Chart Patterns
  • Module 10 – Effects of Momentum on Cycle Patterns
  • Module 11 – Using Candlesticks to ID Peaks and Troughs
  • Module 12 – Gaps and Cycle Patterns
  • Module 13 – VTLs (Valid Trend Lines)
  • Module 14 – Setting Alerts
  • Module 15 – Price & Directional Projections
  • Module 16 – Swing High, Swing Low Analysis
  • Module 17 – Intraday Cycles
  • Module 18 – Cycle Synchronicity – Major Market Messages
  • Module 19 – Putting it all Together
  • Module 20 – Addendum – Bonus
  • Module 21 – Addendum – Bonus
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