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Dr. Lee Pulos – The Biology of Empowerment

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In The Biology of Empowerment, Dr. Lee Pulos condenses decades of research in the fields of human physiology and quantum physics (including up-to-date NEW findings) into an set of resources that will allow you to quickly choose and then what you have established as your belief patterns that prevent you from attaining growth, change, and total personal success.

Utilizing these resources, you’ll discover in The Biology of Empowerment – including The Pendulum, The Ideomotor, the Emotional Freedom Technique, and many others – how to:

* Pinpoint your basic beliefs regarding money, work, relationships, sex, and more, right away, without doing a lot of analysis or uncomfortably returning to your past experiences.
* Differentiate positive, growth-oriented beliefs from beliefs that you on your road to success.
* Reposition your entire self – your conscious, subconscious, and cellular minds – to gain any external result you desire
* Learn how and why “miraculous” processes such as remote viewing and bi-location really can happen.
* Easily uncover and quickly correct the root causes of financial challenges, relationship problems, and health and wellness issues

* Recognize answers from the lowest, most knowledgeable levels of your consciousness to start asking questions that will propel you to your own answers.
* Discover how effective cellular communication can help inborn health issues and other seemingly uncurable conditions
* See why instintive limitations such as time and space are really tiny illusions.
* And so much more!

Lasting personal transformation is at the beginning of a cellular level. Learn how through The Biology of Empowerment