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Nadja Lind – iAwake – Theta Joy

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A Magic Carpet Ride on Theta Frequencies for Joy, Creativity, and Deep Relaxation

Theta Joy  blends an artfully created symphony of joyful sound layers with iAwake’s signature, cutting-edge brainwave entrainment technology to guide your brain from beta consciousness into the theta brainwave frequency, which is the doorway to the unconscious. Enter a flow state of profound creativity, insight, and great inspiration by tapping into the field of unity and universal connection — the best state in which to create your reality through vivid visualizations and affirmations.

Who isn’t sometimes distracted from environmental noise, mental noise, or repetitive compulsive thoughts about daily life, work, and to-do lists?

These tracks were created to make both time and space free from outside interruptions and also the chatter inside your head, so you can become more relaxed, focused, and in tune with your inner guidance. Listening to Theta Joy is an opportunity to take a mental shower from daily thought pollution, to become still and discover what wants to be expressed from within you.

Theta is a very relaxed brainwave state, close to sleep. The nature of the sound patterns and melodies in Theta Joy can keep you right at the surface in a flow state with increased focus, and they can also help you  fall into a deep, relaxed, sleep-like trance state.
Theta Joy  can help you to:

tap into your inner joy
deepen your meditation practice
increase your creativity
relax your body/mind
deepen your breathing

connect with your inner self
focus your thoughts
visualize potentials
stabilize your immune system
release fatigue

The Story Behind Theta Joy (18:52)
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Use of headphones will provide the most optimal experience, but are not required.

To fully experience the potential of this program, please get comfortable, close your eyes and relax for the next few minutes.
Allow the ambient music soundtrack to immerse you in a deep sense of joy and bliss.