How I write emails that convert FAST – Charm Offensive – Instant Download!

How I write emails that convert FAST - Charm Offensive

How I write emails that convert FAST

Writing every day isn’t just about making sales every day. Although, I’ll admit such motivation doesn’t hurt…

… But you need to write every day long before you figure out how to get results like these:

How I write emails that convert FAST - Charm Offensive

Writing is where all the ideas come from.

It’s where most of the work happens.

Writing makes you fully understand what you know and think and believe about any given subject.

It helps you go on tangents, join dots and create new things.

Be that new products, new offerings or an epic 3,000 rant about the cost of Avocado toast.

It also helps soothe my anxious mind. While I’ve found other vices are also competent at mitigating this particular quirk of mine, they also come with unfortunate side-effects like banging headaches and … horrible pangs of anxiety.

Writing is the vice that saved my life.

People often ask me my ‘processes’ and ‘systems’ for things. I often don’t have good answers. For writing, I do have such a system. It’s simple but it works. It’ll make writing enjoyable. You’ll actually start finishing stuff and getting paid. And on top of this, you get to call yourself a writer.

Who would find this product useful?

  • Alleged “writers” who like the idea of being a writer but never write anything.
  • Alleged “copywriters” who like the idea of being a writer who gets paid but never writes anything.
  • Any entrepreneur or marketer who knows they need to write more social media content but inspiration only hits you a few times per year before you get distracted and your ol’ pal, inspiration, scuttles off into the shadows again, unappreciated and unfed.
  • Anyone with an email list that they should email more often, but out of mercy, you don’t, because you can’t bear the idea of subjecting your audience to ANOTHER GODDAMN EMAIL
  • If you’re not doing it for the money, do it for the stress relief benefits. Do it for the benefits to creativity. You’ll be building a reflexive habit that not only makes you money, but makes life more enjoyable.

How I Write Fast shows you how I developed a daily writing habit that enables me to work a fast pace.

This 15-page eBook and hour-long training shows you:

  • Where I get my ideas from.
  • How do I get a first draft done.
  • How do I ruthlessly edit them at speed.
  • Thwart The Enemies of Good Copy: The Immovable Object (Writer’s Block) And The Irresistible Force (Imposter Syndrome).

How I write emails that convert FAST – Charm Offensive, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

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  • Converts-Like-a-Charm_-How-I-Write-.pdf