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Complete Submission Mastermind By Veronika – Instant Download!

Would you like to create your ideal lover without having to awkwardly ask her to change anything?

Maybe you want your lover to:

  • Fully submit in the bedroom?
  • Cook and clean for you?
  • Obey your big and little commands?
  • Become addicted to you?
  • Dress sexier for you?
  • Behave in a more feminine way?
  • Quit her job to support you as a woman?
  • “Worship” you?

Well you can’t just ask her to do these things because she will say no and maybe even get upset that you feel she isn’t good enough!!

If only there was a way you could “silently” influence your lover to do all of these things…

And to be able to do it in a way that isn’t too slow for you but isn’t too fast for her?

Complete Submission Mastermind By Veronika

Complete Submission Mastermind By Veronika

To solve this problem we created this very Mastermind!

It’s an extension of our Complete Submission program, but this Mastermind covers ALL aspects of dominance and submission within a relationship.

Complete Submission Mastermind By Veronika

How Much Would You Pay If You Could Have Your Lover Do Anything You Wanted?

Probably multiple £1000’s…

So long as it’s solved quickly, effectively and for good!!

If you want to join this Mastermind but the price is putting you off, then this is not for you!

The value of having your lover be and do whatever you want is what should matter to you and not the price.

A result like this can’t be achieved for nothing.

You have to put things into perspective…

How much would a divorce cost you?

How much will your second divorce cost you because you didn’t fix your issues the first time around?

How much time do you waste watching porn or fantasising about having a sexual and obedient lover?

How much money do you spend indirectly trying to sweeten up your lover with gifts, dates and surprises, only for her to still not do what you truly want her to do?

How much time have you spent trying to ask or persuade your lover to change, only for her to get angry at you and do the opposite?

If you’d like to put an end to all of this wasted time and money then you need to make an investment in yourself to do this!

Why Should You Never Ask Your Lover To Do What You Want?

When you ask your lover to change, it implies that you aren’t in control of that change!!!

And when you ask your lover to change you are putting the power into your lover’s hands by allowing her to respond with a yes or a no.

This Mastermind will show you how to take total control of the relationship and the transformation process that your lover is about to undergo.

It will do this by giving you some easy to follow step by step guides that will take your lover through ever intensifying experiences until she is comfortable doing exactly what you want.

These step by step guides are clear, concise and socially intelligent so that you can avoid having to ask, explain or debate anything with your lover.

They will allow you to give her brand new sexual and domestic experiences that will broaden how she views herself and all without having to put what you are doing into words.

Words create resistance when it comes to relationship improvements!!

Egos can get in the way, which is why you need a method that will work silently and discreetly.

Your lover wants a man who just gets it and doesn’t need to ask or explain anything!!

Asking and explaining is another form of permission seeking and dominant men don’t need permission!!

But they do need to be socially intelligent enough to know when they have reached their lover’s current boundaries before moving her beyond them…

Which this Mastermind will also take care of for you. So you’ll never go too far too fast!

Is It Really Possible To Create Your Ideal Lover These Days?

Women follow men who are sure of themselves and give off an air of authority!

Once you know what you want and exactly how to get it, your lover will simply follow you through life like your obedient servant!!

This makes it sound much easier than it is, which is why the step by step guides inside of this Mastermind mind are so clear and to the point.

You need to be able to follow them without giving off any uncertainty or doubt to your lover, so that she can feel 100% comfortable to trust, follow and rely on you.

These methods work on any woman because they are all based on nature and they will feel instinctually familiar to your lover once you start taking the steps.

Even the most modern and “unfeminine” woman can be transformed by using nature to do it, as all things are seeking balance.

Your lover will balance out your masculinity with an equal level of femininity… whoever she is!

This is why the most masculine men seem to attract the most feminine women, but what people don’t see is that he “created” her.

His masculine energy was so powerful and sure that she adjusted herself to balance him out… and he never once had to ask her to!

And these are exactly the kind of “silent” results that you will achieve once inside of this Mastermind.

As fun as this Mastermind is to be in, you don’t care about the Mastermind itself!!

You want an obedient, polite and submissive lover and you’d like to have her be all of that without having to awkwardly ask for it…

And this Mastermind is the vehicle for that transformation!

We’re looking forward to helping you through it!

But remember that your relationship isn’t going to fix itself, we can work together now and have you back in the driver’s seat in a couple of weeks!

Complete Submission Mastermind By Veronika, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!)

  • Stage 1 – Masculinity Reset
  • Stage 2 – Be Her Ideal Man
  • Stage 3 – Be The Boss, Not Bossy
  • Stage 4 – Sexual Step By Step Guides
  • Stage 5 – Bedroom Moves Masterclass
  • Stage 6 – Domesticate Your Lover
  • Stage 7 – Become An Elite Couple
  • Advanced GIF Collection
  • Crazier Step By Step Guides
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • GIF Collection
  • Program Disclaimer