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Using Personalization for More Conversions By Guy Yalif – Instant Download!

Using personalization for more conversions.
Learn to set up and use personalization to get improved conversions across the customer lifecycle.
This is a practical course is for those who know website optimization and want to use intelligent targeting to achieve greater ROI.
Enroll in this 8-class personalization course to learn how to:

  • Structure a personalization strategy from scratch
  • Evaluate and pick the right tools and technologies for your business
  • Analyze and frame results to evangelize wins
  • Use personalization together with other technologies like account-based marketing, SEO, and A/B testing to create outstanding business results
    …and so much more.

Using Personalization for More Conversions By Guy Yalif -Conversionxl

This course is right for you if…

  • You understand the basics of website A/B testing. It is fine to be a beginner at A/B testing
  • Advanced A/B testers will find even more value in this course
  • You’ve tried A/B testing and thought “it didn’t work for me”
  • You’re accountable for driving your site visitors to take a certain action. This often means you have growth, demand gen, or acquisition in your title

This course is not for you if…

  • Your website isn’t important to your business
  • You don’t like taking a quantitative approach towards growth
  • You have never thought about web optimization

Skills you should have before taking this course:

  • A basic sense of setting up an A/B test, calling winners, and sequencing tests. You do not need to be expert in any of these nor know the mechanics in detail. These skills provide a helpful background for learning personalization.
  • A basic understanding of web optimization.
  • This is a beginner to intermediate personalization course.

Why most personalization efforts fail

If you’ve been in the marketing space for a while, you’ve heard the buzz of personalization everywhere.
“Drive one-to-one customer experiences.”
“Target the right customer with the right message at the right time.”
“Mass marketing is over. It’s all about targeting individuals with specific and tailored message.”
Great. All of these things sound awesome in theory, but in reality, the people spouting these things on stages and in blog posts are rarely the ones tasked with executing personalization at scale, and neither are they responsible for reporting the results.
Personalization – whether you’re just starting with some basic rule-based logic or you’re running mass-scale predictive targeting – isn’t an easy thing to do. But when done right, it’s the highest ROI optimization activity you can perform.

Segment and target customers for increased revenue and conversions

There is a right way to do personalization.

In this course, product management and personalization veteran Guy Yalif will walk through interactive and applied lessons teaching you how to analyze, segment, and target the most profitable customers for increased revenue and conversions.
Simply put, this online course will teach you practical ways to deliver more results with personalization. You’ll explore different types of personalization and choose the right one for your business. You’ll learn how to integrate personalization with other optimization tactics like A/B testing. Finally, you’ll learn how to measure the results and present them to champion the cause in your company.

In just 4 short weeks, you’ll be able to…

  • Understand personalization at a deep level, including how it fits in and enhances multiple parts of the customer lifecycle
  • Understand how to use personalization for both B2B and B2C environments
  • Put personalization to work together with analytics, account-based marketing, and creative agency/team work
  • Set strategy and put in place the tools and processes to enable personalization for your business
  • Avoid typical pitfalls marketers encounter when starting to employ personalization
  • Make more money from your optimization efforts. That’s what it’s all about, right?

About your instructor: Guy Yalif

Guy Yalif (@gyalif) is Cofounder and CEO of Intellimize which is pioneering predictive personalization to drive better website conversion.
Most recently, Guy was Vice President of Global Marketing at BrightRoll where he led corporate marketing, product marketing, corporate communications, demand generation, content, and field enablement. He was responsible for building the BrightRoll brand and fueling continued growth for the company.
Guy earlier served as Head of Global Product and Vertical Marketing at Twitter where he created the product marketing and industry marketing teams. Before Twitter, Guy spent seven years at Yahoo in product management and marketing organizations serving advertisers large and small in search, display, video, mobile, and web presence.
Previously, Guy led product management and product marketing at Tradeweave, an online marketplace in retail, and spent time at Microsoft and the Boston Consulting Group. Guy graduated summa cum laude from Princeton University in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and was an Arjay Miller Scholar at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Why we hand-selected Guy to teach this course

Guy and his team drove big results for us. Their personalization helped us drive a 70% increase in referral sign ups for our customers.

Sunil Saha, CEO @ Perkville

Your 8-class schedule


Class 1: What is Personalization?
We’ll get started with an overview of mobile and desktop website personalization as an approach to driving better conversions. We’ll help you discern which one is right for you as you encounter different situations.
Topics covered:

  • What are different forms of web optimization and how do they differ? A/B testing. Multivariate testing. Rules based personalization. Predictive personalization.
  • Which approach is right in which situation?
  • Some of the tools you can use today for each
  • Personalization applied to various verticals: ecommerce, financial services, lead gen, b2b, and more
  • How much and what kind of data do I need for effective personalization?
  • Where do we, as marketers, add the most value?

Class 2: Customer Segmentation & Deciding What to Optimize for
In this session, we’ll talk about different approaches to segmenting your customers and what that means for your personalization strategy.
Topics covered:

  • Segmentation approaches
  • What’s ideal and what’s practical?
  • How does the customer life cycle fit into your personalization approach?
  • How do you choose what to optimize for? What impact does your optimization goal have on your work?

Class 3: Deciding What to Personalize: Approaches to Creating Creative
Where do we start? What experiences should we focus on? Once we have data, where do we focus our next round of energy?
Creative is important for personalization. The words, images, and layouts that change the mobile and desktop web experience are foundational for personalization. How do we practically go about doing this? What workflow is important?
Topics covered:

  • How to develop variation ideas
  • Typical types of creative used in personalization
  • Workflow for creating personalized creative
  • Working in house and working with agencies
  • Managing approvals and setting expectations

Class 4: A/B & MVT Testing to Enable Personalization
In this session, we’ll start by setting up an A/B test and a multivariate test, step-by-step, to drive better conversions. We’ll explore what kind of personalization is possible using these tools. We’ll then talk talk about where we, as marketers, can add the most value.
Topics covered:

  • A hands on view of driving conversions with an A/B test
  • Advantages and disadvantages of A/B testing
  • Advantages and disadvantages of multivariate testing (MVT)
  • How marketers and agencies add value with A/B and MVT

Class 5: B2C Personalization
In this session we’ll dive deeper into personalization approaches with a focus on driving consumer behavior. We’ll walk through example setups with rules based and predictive personalization.
Topics covered:

  • Goals of b2c personalization
  • A hands on view of driving conversions with rules based personalization (RBP)
  • A hands on view of driving conversions with predictive personalization (PP)
  • How marketers and agencies add value with RBP and PP

Class 6: B2B Personalization
In this session we’ll dive deeper into personalization approaches with a focus on driving the behavior of business customers. We’ll address the unique challenges of b2b personalization, which often include low traffic volume and low conversion rates. We’ll walk through example setups with rules based and predictive personalization.
Topics covered:

  • Goals of b2b personalization and key differences from b2c personalization
  • A hands on view of driving conversions with rules based personalization (RBP)
  • A hands on view of driving conversions with predictive personalization (PP)
  • Account Based Marketing and anonymous marketing
  • How marketers and agencies add value with RBP, PP, ABM

Class 7: Analyzing Results & Iterating
In this session, we’ll talk about the typical ways marketers demonstrate lift, progress, and insight. Our goal is to help you, the marketer, be a hero.
Topics covered:

  • Integrating with Google Analytics and Mixpanel
  • Integrating with in-house systems
  • What is the right granularity of analysis?
  • What is the right time horizon of analysis?
  • How does personalization analysis differ from A/B testing analysis?
  • What do takeaways mean when you’re continually personalizing?
  • What should I focus on next?
  • Connection to paid media

Class 8: How to Bring to Life into your Business
We will tie everything together in this final session. We will talk about practical rules of thumb to consider as you set up personalization in your business. We’ll cover things to watch out for and typical pitfalls.
Topics covered:

  • How to set yourself up for early success
  • Typical pitfalls to avoid
  • Pulling it all together

You will also get 10 pre-recorded video lessons
In addition to classes, you’ll get access to snack-size video lessons to bring you up to speed on the course topics. Topics covered include:
1. Where a Website Fits in the Acquisition Funnel
2. Why a Data-Driven Approach to Conversion Matters
3. Who Really Knows the Right Answer?
4. A/B Testing
5. Statistical Significance
6. Measurement
7. Multivariate (MVT) Testing
8. Rules Based Personalization (RBP)
9. Predictive Personalization
10. A Shift in Approach