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Transparent Body – Luminous World By Rupert Spira – Digital edition (MP3s and ebook) – Instant Download!

Transparent Body - Luminous World By Rupert Spira - Digital edition (MP3s and ebook)

Transparent Body, Luminous World
The Tantric Yoga of Sensation and Perception

Over 30 hours of guided meditations to facilitate the gradual alignment of the non-dual understanding with the way the body and world are felt and perceived.


Originally published in 2016 as a box set including six mp3 CDs with a book of transcriptions of the spoken meditations. Now republished in digital format as a download featuring a 30 hour MP3 album and an ebook of transcripts of the spoken meditations.

Transparent Body, Luminous World is a digital download that includes over 30 hours of guided yoga meditations, and an ebook of transcripts of the spoken meditations. The 24 yoga meditations explore the experience of the body and world as a continuously changing flow of sensations and perceptions appearing in, known by and made of awareness.

In the Tantric Yoga of Sensation and Perception, Awareness turns again towards the objects of experience. There is then a progressive infiltrating, pervading or saturating of the objects of knowledge and experience with the peace and happiness that are inherent in Awareness’s knowing of its own being.

The density and solidity of the body and the otherness of the world are penetrated and suffused with the light of pure knowing, God’s infinite being, and are gradually outshone by it. The body becomes impersonal like the world, and the world becomes intimate like the body.

Download includes MP3 audio files and ebook in three formats: EPUB, MOBI for Kindle and PDF.


‘Tantric wisdom tells us that everything we experience is made of pure Awareness – untouched, yet constantly manifesting as perceptions, sensations and thoughts. Under Rupert Spira’s precise and loving guidance, this esoteric teaching becomes an actual, felt experience. His words contain a profound transmission of the reality he’s describing. As you follow his pointing-out instructions, body, thoughts, sensations and sounds start to reveal themselves as arising inside a borderless Awareness. In time, you begin to feel your entire experience as saturated with Awareness, made of Awareness, dancing inside Awareness. Connecting to the Presence flowing through Rupert’s words, you literally catch the awakened state. Rupert’s pointing-out instructions can free Consciousness to recognize itself, so that gradually – or suddenly! – your body and the world around you become transparent to the knowing Presence that is experiencing itself as you.’
– Sally Kempton, author of Meditation for the Love of It and Awakening Shakti

‘Rupert speaks from within a field of infinite tenderness, mind and heart joined in awe of the mystery of existence. This is a voice from inside the truth, creating fresh language, a lovingly crafted stream of revelation. This is a voice of infinite gentleness speaking through space and time from the Awareness beyond space and time, reminding us all of our own essence. I am stunned by the beauty and clarity here. Transparent Body, Luminous World is an extraordinarily clear and sensitive articulation of sensory meditations I learned 47 years ago and have found infinitely valuable in personal experience and in teaching. These sensory explorations lead the way to developing practices that correspond with your intimate inner nature. There is nothing foreign in Rupert’s teaching; rather, here is an invitation to explore your own essence through direct experience.’
– Lorin Roche, author of The Radiance Sutras: 112 Gateways to the Yoga of Wonder and Delight and Meditation Secrets for Women

‘Rupert points out that it’s one thing to think the separate self doesn’t exist, quite another to actually feel it. Here, in extraordinary depth and clarity, we are taken through a series of explorative meditations to allow us to feel and experience directly our real nature – unnameable knowing – beyond all boundaries of time and space.’
– Billy Doyle, author of Yoga in the Kashmir Tradition: The Art of Listening and The Mirage of Separation

Amazon Reviews

★★★★★ Elegant Tantric meditations
MS S. Ltd, reviewed in the United States on 23 March 2019
What a beautiful selection of Tantric meditations. Rupert’s usual eloquent approach is here but if his “direct path” ruminations are more like a detailed still life, then these are like stunning abstracts! Still very grounded, always taking you to your absolute, direct experience.

★★★★★ For Rupert Spira fans
Just As I Am, reviewed in the United States on 26 January 2019
This is Advaita blended with the investigation into the sensations that lay latent in the body long after clarity has come. Would not be good for anyone who isn’t already interested in Rupert Spira’s talks and work. He’s one of the most clear and lucid teachers and speakers in this arena, so to speak, but unless you have a natural interest in this field, it’s best to just stay with whatever you’re into.

★★★★★ You are not what you think you are.
Em Sevol, reviewed in the United States on 23 November 2018
If you make it through his book Being Aware of Being Aware and you are called to go deeper, this picks up where that left off. At some point during the reading it should have become transparently clear that there is no body and no person. Never mind that the appearance returned. A glimpse is enough. It is frightening to take apart a car while you think you are driving and that it is getting you someplace, but once you have seen there is no car and nobody driving no car, then the dissolution of car and driver, becomes an adventure in freedom, as what once seemed solid and irrefutable falls away to reveal the truth that had always been.

★★★★★ I am in the sun listening and delighting in this gem and feel great gratitude to Rupert Spira for making this available to …
Natacha, reviewed in the United Kingdom on 20 April 2018
Wow, this is the paradigm shift that humanity needs. The most exquisite, gentle contemplations that experientially can change your focus of attention to unveil our true and everlasting nature consciousness itself. I am in the sun listening and delighting in this gem and feel great gratitude to Rupert Spira for making this available to us….a heartfelt thank you.

★★★★★ A must for Nonduality Seekers
Daath, reviewed in the United Kingdom on 21 September 2017
No words can express enough the beauty, clarity and transformative process of unfolding Awareness in oneself as explained and shown by Rupert’s voice in these meditations.

The density and solidity of the body and the otherness of the world are penetrated and suffused with the light of pure knowing.

30 hours of meditations for your smart phone or desktop computer.

MP3 track listing

  1. Exploring the True Experience of the Body
  2. The Self-Aware Field of Consciousness
  3. The White Radiance of Eternity
  4. The Great Emptiness
  5. The Magnificence of God’s Infinite Being
  6. The Transparent Substance of the Body
  7. Pure Knowing Is Outrageously Promiscuous
  8. The True Body of Eternal, Infinite Consciousness
  9. Dissolving the Body in Empty Openness
  10. Realigning the Body with Our Understanding
  11. The Body As Pure, Borderless Knowing
  12. Experiencing the Body As Pure Vibration
  13. Body and Breath Permeated by Empty Knowing
  14. The Empty, Loving Space of Awareness
  15. Dissolving Body, Breath and World into Pure Awareness
  16. Pouring Emptiness into the Body
  17. The Limitless Reality of All Experience
  18. The Transparency of Things
  19. The Garden of Experience
  20. Offering the Body to Loving Emptiness
  21. The Now Is ‘I Am’
  22. Suffering Is a Call from Love
  23. Kiss the Toad
  24. Awareness’s Sacrifice of Its Own Eternity

Transparent Body – Luminous World By Rupert Spira – Digital edition (MP3s and ebook), what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

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