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TradeSmart – How To Read The Market Professionally

TradeSmart - How To Read The Market Professionally

PRICE: 55$ 

Why Choose This Training?

The aim of this course is to give you a solid foundation in the technical analysis skills needed to be able to read any market.

This Comprehensive Training Covers…..

  • Pivot Analysis

    How to identify the trend and when it changes

  • Supply & Demand Analysis

    Where are the big buy and sell orders?

  • Price Direction Analysis

    Is price going up or down?

  • Multiple Timeframe Analysis

    2 dimensional & 3 dimensional analysis

What Others Are Saying…

If you’re a trader in the making, as I am, you won’t find a better way to hone your skills and learn the Demand & Supply method of trading with Simon’s teaching and guidance. Having the chance to join Simon a few weeks ago gave me the knowledge and confidence to take trades starting with a small account. The reality is that being able to read any naked chart (no technical indicators) with confidence gives you the most exhilarating feeling as a trader.

All my appreciation to Simon for his diligent work and dedication in bringing this product to the community of traders

SIZE: 3,2 GB

SalesPage(more info)

PRICE: 55$  Original Price:  4997$

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