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1) Install “eSignal_12.0.3485_x86.exe”


2) Run eSignal platform, test it and close appication.


3) Copy files (efs.dll, shellapi.dll, studies.dll) from folder “Crack” into folder “C:\Program Files\Interactive Data\eSignal\” or

(or folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\Interactive Data\eSignal\” for x64 Wins) overwrite original “\Formulas\Advanced GET Studies Formulas\”.


4) Copy all files from “\Crack\Advanced GET Studies Formulas\” into “…\My Documents\Interactive Data\Formulas\Advanced GET Studies Formulas\”


5) Go to folder “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Interactive Data\Options Analytix\” and rename file “OptionsAnalytix.exe” on any another name,

for example, – “OptionsAnalytix.e_x_e”.


6) Run eSignal 12, open any chart, click right mouse button, in context menu select “Insert Study…”

Then select tab “Formulas” -> “Advanced GET Studies Formulas”

Then select any indicator or study and press button “Apply”.