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Smooth & Powerful Movement (downloadable) By Stephen Dietrich – Instant Download!

Smooth & Powerful Movement (downloadable) By Stephen Dietrich

Smooth & Powerful Movement (downloadable)
Study how to move in a truly soft, smooth, and powerful way.

By Stephen Dietrich, a Systema HQ Toronto instructor and student since 2014.

One of the key Systema skills is moving softly, yet with real power.

Through his many years of diligent training with Vladimir Vasiliev, Stephen was able to gain such skill and is now sharing it with you.

Enjoy this special, full class footage, where Stephen takes you through a great exercise progression. Study:

  • Effortless movements from all core positions – push-ups, sit-ups, leg raises, and squats
  • Moving lightly across the ground
  • Super smooth falling
  • Utilizing a stick for unique movement varieties
  • Breathing to feel and move your body
  • Movement as an internal massage
  • How to gain the feeling of freedom and readiness to move

Don’t create movement. Allow it to happen.

Jack Harrington

After just taking the Smooth Movements class with Stephen over Zoom, I’m feeling better than I think I ever have. I’m very much looking forward to taking more live Zoom classes with him.

Andrew Wardle

Super interesting class from Stephen. Felt fantastic after it. It was really helpful in power accumulation and fullness.

Jaro Wanders

In this film Stephen gives great exercises for developing power. It’s a great set of exercises for solo training to build in your own training schedule.

Smooth & Powerful Movement (downloadable) By Stephen Dietrich, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • Smooth & Powerful Movements HD