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Neil Strauss – The Society’s Human Anti Virus Experience (H.A.V.E.)

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The Human Anti-Virus Experience…
This Is Your Invitation To Join Me And Members Of The Inner Circle In Los Angeles on May 17-19, 2019, To Directly Learn Transformation Strategies That Will Help You…

Learn Anything Faster… Explode Your Charisma… Silence The Inner Critic… Find Your Purpose… Overcome Procrastination… Enjoy Lasting Happiness… And Much More.

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May 17-19, 2019, Los Angeles
“The value is enormous. I don’t think I could receive this kind of training, this comprehensive training, anywhere else, for any dollar amount…. And I’ve looked”

– Brad Hart
Serial Entrepreneur

Let Me Tell You A Story…

Once upon a time, there was a guy who looked like this…

He tried as hard as he could to be confident, to be charismatic, to be attractive, to be smooth, to be comfortable in his own skin.

He read every book he could find, and he talked to every one of his friends, but nothing seemed to help him change.

He would attend motivational seminars, and realize that as soon as the seminar ended, he was back to his old self.

He knew he had potential…

But things would never “click” for him.

He dreamed of a better life, but always got in his own way…

Things would start looking good, progress would be made, but it seems he would always self sabotage.

He always ended up back at square one.

But then one day something completely changed….

He was tired of always self sabotaging and ending up back at square one.

He was lying to himself as he continued to go through life in denial…

Until he ended up in rehab, literally kicking and screaming.

To save his life he had to take a cold hard look at himself.

And ever since that moment he became obsessed with…

Solving the puzzle that is the self.

Since that pivotal moment in his life, he committed himself to figuring out “why.”

And he spent years, and hundreds of thousands of dollars, studying at the feet of the masters, and gaining the knowledge.

For himself, and then to share with others who need it — whether they’re able to identify their sticking points (conscious incompetence) or not (unconscious incompetence)

As soon as he had this “awakening”, everything in his life changed.

He didn’t become a completely different person.

He became the person he always was.

He broke out of his nervous introverted shell, and the person he was on the inside, finally got to shine on the outside.

He started living in tune with his values and visions for what life should be…

And as a result, become more happy, confident, and successful.

This shift happened on the inside.

He realized everything he didn’t like about his life due to years of faulty programming, most of which was implanted deep into his subconscious during his childhood.

He realized that he was often operating on “auto-pilot” and most of the thoughts and reactions he would have, were self sabotaging, and negative.

He realized most of these thoughts, actions, and behaviors, were happening automatically without him even being aware.

He realized that in order to change his life, and the world, he must first change himself…

And let the person he truly is on the inside, live out in the outside world.

He now enjoys a happy family life, a thriving career as a 9x NYT bestselling author, and does what he loves every day.

That guy is me, and I’m hoping my transformation will help show you what’s possible in your life…

Here’s What This Is About…

Your brain is a supercomputer…

The most powerful in the world…

With billions of nerve fibers and trillions of connections.

Your brain is not only a supercomputer that operates to handle the complex process of keeping you alive…

Your brain synthesizes everything it absorbs to produce what you experience as “reality.”

This includes the practice of generating some 50,000 thoughts per day.

And it’s about time to ask yourself this question:

What are those thoughts?

And are they serving you?

Those thoughts can make your life an abundant paradise, or a never-ending hell-hole.

Your reality is not actually outside yourself. It’s in the electrical signals in the brain.

Just like a computer.

But somewhere along the way…

Probably in your first formative years, when your brain was first being programmed…

Your operating system was unknowingly corrupted with a virus or several of them…

This is because the people programming you are imperfect, and their flaws get passed on to you. Even well-meaning programmers make mistakes.

Deep inside of you, these viruses took root and began pulling your strings in the form of the decisions you make, the chances you take, how you view the world and your place in it.

This was deeply implanted in you, and your system continued to run, flawed…

And these viruses are so sophisticated, that most of the time, you operate without knowing they’re there…

Without knowing that they are controlling and directing EVERY result and experience of your daily life…

Preventing the super-computer that is you from performing at optimal potential and achieving the best results…

As with all computers, it’s necessary to do a virus scan, quarantine the viruses, and keep a filter running to catch all future attacks before they can implant themselves….

Now Picture This….

Imagine yourself checking into a hotel on the beach on a perfect Los Angeles summer day…

As you head into your room to set your things down, you meet others in the hallway.

They’re on the same mission as you, and you have lots of things in common.

Before you can settle into your room, you agree to meet your new friends for dinner and drinks around a beachside bonfire that night.

You get into your room, set your things down, and you feel the positive energy flowing.

You take a deep breath.

This is it, you think to yourself…..

As soon as the first day begins, you’re broken off into small, intimate groups, led up by me.

We start the event running a deep scan of your operating system…

Who you think you are, what your core issues are, and so much more…

You’ll be diagnosed, thoroughly and deeply.

I will help you identify your blind-spots, and call you out on your own bullsh*t.

No self sabotaging egos allowed in here.

After day one, you’ll be able to understand WHY you think in certain ways.

As soon as you’re diagnosed, we’ll dive even deeper…

Discovering the true root causes of these issues.

And through a host of [often uncomfortable] activities, you’ll learn exactly what triggers you, and what makes you happy…

These simulations are meant to show you how you show up in “the real world”…

Previous attendees of Deep Inner Game conferences have compared this day-long process to years and years of therapy.

And once we have a solid understanding of who you are…

We’ll discover who you want to be…

… or who you always were.

By engaging in activities that are meant to elicit your childhood states, you’ll be reminded of your dreams and passions…

The things that were a major part of your spirit, before society, conditioned you to become something else…

And once all of this is understood….

We’re going to work exclusively on setting you up to be your best self.

By helping you create actionable solutions that help you move forward and live your best life.

Not “someday”, but everyday.

And we will be supervising you, and holding you accountable, long after the even ends…

So your change is real.

Not to mention your intimate group-members, who may just end up being your new best friends.

This weekend, we’re all dedicated to the cause of lasting, lifelong, change and transformation.

And everyone will be bonded under the guise of honesty, trust, and openness.

This event is for those that are motivated by the thought of true and lasting transformation…

This is the difference between many “feel-good” events that are merely band-aid solutions that fizzle away after the event ends…

And a weekend that will require you to bring your all, be fully present, and do the hard and often uncomfortable work required to go deep into your core, and face the often uncomfortable truths that are holding you back without you even knowing.

This event was carefully designed to fix you, for good.


The Human Anti-Virus Experience…

Discover How To Trigger An Inner Transformation So You Can Breakthrough To The Next Level In One Weekend on May 17-19, in Los Angeles—Or Your Money Back!

If you’ve ever known what you want to do, but haven’t been able to do it, this immersive three-day experience will help you blast through your self sabotaging limiting beliefs and experience a life-changing transformation.

It’s unlike anything I’ve ever offered before.

The Human Anti Virus Experience (H.A.V.E.) will help you scrub your programming clean of malware, and finally allow you to run at optimal speed and performance – authentic, confident, and unafraid.

This is a 3-day experience at a beach-side hotel in Los Angeles where you’ll work closely with me, and my personal mentors in deep inner game.

Powerful Jedis and Superheroes with an X-ray vision into your operating system.

And a community of like-minded peers all on the same mission as you.

Together, through a host of personalized and experiential sessions, we’re going to go deep into your operating system…

We’ll identify every single virus and piece of bad code that’s taken hold of your life…

We’ll bring them to your awareness…

And actively work to eliminate and quarantine them. And undo years of bad programming by developing practical solutions to make sure your system stays clean, long after this event is over.

You’ll walk away with a constant Anti-Virus program running, along with the insights, shifts, and growth you need to stay unstuck and accomplish your most audacious goals.

RSVP For The H.A.V.E

May 17-19, 2019, Los Angeles

Here’s a Fraction Of What You Will Learn In One Life Changing Weekend This May..

The Keys To Effective Learning

The 18 Principles of Learning for mastering any new skill faster and easier.

My 3-Step learning process that catapulted me to “expert status” in writing and with women (plus: “The Rule of 100%,” which is the guiding principle of my life).

The ONE question to ask yourself in any situation to guarantee an instant surge in your confidence and capabilities.
Mastering Your Senses

Discover a simple technique for quickly boosting your confidence, comfort, and charisma — while freeing you from self-doubt, anxiety, and limitation.

How to master the crucial skill that lets you effortlessly attract people towards you as a leader, trusted friend, or romantic partner.

​How to break the dangerous habit of living life with “tunnel vision” by adopting “wide-angle vision” so you can become more present, approachable, and powerful (and less predatorial in the eyes of women and strangers).

Your World View And Inner Critic

How we shape our worldview and why most of what we think is not true and total bullshit (plus: how to destroy the destructive habit known as the biggest enemy of growth, creativity, and success)

Why “Terror Management Theory” is silently controlling your life and how to harness your self-esteem to let go of the constant cloud of fear.

The 4 “needs” society hardwired into our subconscious minds that destroy our lives (and the 4 counter-reactions you can start implementing today to start building deeper connections with people in your life, from total strangers to your closest friends)

How to calm the monkey mind, silence the inner critic, and destroy overwhelm by leveraging this weird strategy taught by the world’s leading hypnotist, Mike Mandel

Deep Inner Game

Go through a 20-minute exercise — guided by me — to identify your “operating system,” remove the viruses, and debug yourself by uncovering the false beliefs harming your life (do this and you will instantly boost your results with women, your confidence, and even your professional life).

How to study yourself from a third-person perspective to uncover your deepest wounds that are now controlling your day-to-day behavior (and undermining your efforts for growth).

My 4-step process for for unloading your “Big Bag of Shit” so you can finally start living your life free from subconscious self-sabotage.

Reconnecting With Your Emotions

The “5-Step Inner Game Solution” for boosting your self-awareness by identifying your core issues (and the simple process for self-correcting yourself so you can move past childhood wounds and become your own man).

How to become more grounded in reality, making it easier to connect with other people, so you can begin living life in a way where external events don’t trigger harmful emotions inside you.

Calming The Mind

How to become more present, productive, and intentional in your daily life by leveraging the art and science of Yoga Nidra (Plus: Experience the bliss of finally calming the incessant chatter in your head after being led on a guided meditation by Neil’s spirituality teacher).

​The three best ways for creating (and sticking to) a daily Spiritual Practice that will leave you free of anxiety and worry and help you bring out your best self in seemingly-impossible situations.

The R Factor Mindset

Discover the tried-and-true method for developing the right mindset for defeating the Fear of Failure (this lesson is taught by Neil’s trusted advisor, Brian Knight, who coaches top Fortune 500 executives on this very strategy).
​How to alter your brain’s “Pattern Recognizing System” to destroy your old, harmful patterns and create new, empowering patterns so you can defeat procrastination and improve your focus.

Identifying Your Core Values

Two different strategies for identifying your core values, which will act as the foundation of your new identity (gaining clarity here makes you feel whole, like you’re living in alignment, with a newfound sense of resilience to power through life’s most difficult situations).

How to harness your newfound values as a guide for your daily actions and decisions, ensuring you never feel out of alignment or become self-loathing (and, ultimately, sluggish and unmotivated).

Finding Your Purpose

Learn one simple strategy for uncovering your life purpose (hint: it doesn’t require you to quit your job, travel across the world, and take part in an ayahuasca ceremony with a Peruvian shaman).

How finding your purpose can boost your attraction, intimacy of relationships, and, in some cases, even save a failing relationship — practically overnight.

Self Esteem And The Ego

Discover your “Three Identity Forces” constantly battling for your attention and how to end this war for good (and in the process: eliminate your neediness and insecurities)

The difference between confidence and self-esteem and how focusing on improving your confidence will actually hurt you in the long run (and why money, appearance, and life experiences don’t lead to lasting happiness)

Finding Your Core Talent

The 4-phase process for uncovering the ONE thing you’ve unconsciously invested 10,000 hours into over the course of your life (also known as: your core talent).

Five ways you can harness your core talent as your primary asset to “arbitrage” your way into new relationships and new opportunities.

Goal Setting

At this point in the event, you’ll have explored the origin of your limiting beliefs and starting taking them down one by one. You’ll also have clarity on your core values, your life’s purpose, and the one thing you can do better than anyone else. Now, you’ll discover how to set goals you’ll actually accomplish in as little as the next 30 days, so you can begin making your reality match your dreams.

The 4 questions you must ask yourself when setting any new goal to guarantee you follow through on the promises you make to yourself (this makes the S.M.A.R.T. goal framework ten times more effective).

Experiencing Pure Bliss

Discover how to master happiness by destroying the “Happiness Myth”.
​Then join us for a fully immersive and experiential workshop, where you will learn the 5 crucial steps you must take to achieve lasting bliss.

What Others Are Saying About This Transformational Work…
“What I’ve gotten out of this is more than doubling my salary. My career is much more focused. It’s far more successful than it was a few years ago.”

Leading Australian Entrepreneur
“I would never have thought that my life could change so fundamentally practically overnight. I still can’t believe it”

VP Operations
“A great part of this is that not only do we get all this knowledge, we get an opportunity to practice it”

“There’s just no ego in the group at all. Everybody is super supportive and everybody actually really enjoys the success of others”

CEO of Nightclub Conglomerate
“Not only do you have a group of individuals that hold you accountable and want to see the best for you, but the resources are there to actually help provide the path. I think this is just one of those “once in a lifetime opportunities” to invest in yourself.”

Self Improvement Guru

RSVP For The H.A.V.E

May 17-19, 2019, Los Angeles

Here’s What You Can Expect on May 17-19, 2019, in Los Angeles

Day One: Awareness

On Friday, we will gather in a beautiful location overlooking the water.

You will be in an environment full of likeminded people who you will get to know on a very deep level over the next few days.

These people will also get to know you and support you more intimately and powerfully than most of your best friends and even family…

The experience will start with a high-level overview of the way your brain works, with a model I’ve never presented before.

We will then move into the diagnostic part of the event — a multi-disciplinary, bottom-up analysis of your operating system.

I will personally give you the “software” to take a personalized inventory of your own operating system, so you can identify the obstacle standing in the way of your best, most confident, most charismatic, most true self.

With this new understanding, we will begin a series of intimate and group exercises designed to help see yourself as an outside observer may view you.

The room at this event will become a microcosm of the real world, and you will run up against your own limiting beliefs. Some will surprise you.

We’ll also put together a personalized fear inventory, taking a deep dive to find the fears that exist underneath the fears:

Your core existential anxiety.

From there, we’ll look at how you operate in high-stakes social environments, and begin to mirror the way you show up in your relationships.

You’ll walk away with an understanding of your weaknesses, as well as your strengths.

And at the end of day one, we will end with a map of your false self.

This is the “you” that was created by societal conditioning and the intentions of your parents.

Stripping this will be the focus of the next days.

Day Two: Emptying Out

This is a big day. A powerful day.

I can’t share the exercises with you ahead of time, but I will give you the thinking behind them…

Most of us know what we are trying to change.

Yet despite reading books and setting intentions, our issues always seem to stick with us.

This is because they didn’t enter our system intellectually.

They came in somatically, often through feelings and emotions.

We’ll start day two with activities meant to get you out of your head, and into your body, where all your buttons are, where the parts of yourself you can’t always control are.

From there, you will break up into different small groups, depending on what you are working on within yourself.

You will then be personally guided through a series of powerful exercises designed to quarantine your virus, and reboot your operating system.

It will be a very intense day, and will end with an experience that will have many of you releasing trapped feelings and emotions that you never even knew you had inside of you.

You’ll be surprised at what comes out of you.

And on Saturday night, you will take great care of yourself.

You will be raw and fragile, most likely feeling lighter, and ready to fill up with the new you tomorrow.

Day Three: Filling Up

This is going to be an exciting day.

On Friday, we opened the wound, and brought it to your awareness.

On Saturday, we healed the wound.

And on the final day, we begin the process of living a wound-free life.

You will learn how to step into your new identity, your true self, for the day, and forever.

You will learn actionable insights for self care on every level: physical, psychological, sexual, spiritual, and intellectual.

You will boost your emotional intelligence and resilience, and strengthen your frame and reality.

You will receive a whole suite of tools for when you are overwhelmed, or not in self-care.

You will take a deep dive into the discovery of your passion, your core values, your integrity, and your meaning — and how to live in alignment every single day.

You will undergo a deep hypnotic induction designed to solidify and enhance this new awakening.

We will literally rewire your neural circuitry, and reinforce the new productive patterns — instead of the old, automatic, and destructive ones.

And we will celebrate the powerfully self-realized individual that is YOU, <Name>.

Your true self and who you are and have been all along underneath all of your bad programming and false limiting beliefs…

The H.A.V.E is meant to bring out the real you, and make sure you are living your best life as the most authentic and passionate you, every single day.

RSVP For The H.A.V.E

May 17-19, 2019, Los Angeles

Your RSVP Is Required To Attend…

If you hired a professional to help you overcome self-sabotage and develop powerful new beliefs, you could easily end up paying up to $50,000, or more.

At a recent Inner Game Intensive, one of our members equated just one weekend with us, was worth more than years and years of therapy.

In fact, just coming to ONE of my invite-only intensives would run you $3,500+, not including airfare and lodging..

But the Human Anti-Virus Experience was designed to be more accessible, and affordable.

What originally started as a $10,000 event has been completely revamped and made affordable for more…

And when you consider the fact that you are receiving years and years worth of the most valuable insights from our intensives, you can really start to see the value…

Remember, not only will The H.A.V.E. help you target and takedown subconscious blind spots, childhood wounds, and harmful beliefs.

But you’ll also have the tools and support to rebuild a powerful new identity.

The pain, heartache, and time you will save by discovering how to change from the inside-out — instead of the outside-in via “tactics” and “routines” — is easily worth the cost of your investment many times over.

And right now, you can join us for only $1497, which includes the entire three-day experience, and the thirteen-week H.A.V.E online course…

Keep in mind, this is a one-time event, and will likely never be offered again at this price.

This is almost a no-brainer if you consider this investment in the grand scheme of things…

Just think about how much more money you would make, and the other untold possibilities that will unravel themselves for you once you..

Get rid of your limiting beliefs and start living as your true self, and reaching your potential, every single day of your life.

I’d venture as to saying this is one of the most profitable investments you’ll ever make.

An investment in yourself that will pay dividends for the rest of your life.

To sign up now and RSVP for this summer’s event, simply click the button below:

RSVP For The H.A.V.E

May 17-19, 2019, Los Angeles
You’ll then be taken to our secure and confidential checkout page.

After you enter and submit your payment details, you’ll instantly receive an email welcoming you to the thirteen-week online program (plus, a surprise “bonus”)

And in the months leading up to the event, you’ll be provided with supplementary learning and excercises to perform, so when you arrive at the event…

You are ready for the transformation that is to come.

But you must act fast.

The H.A.V.E is an annual in-person event with limited seats, which means, it’s only available once per year.

Why? Because my goal with this event is to help you experience a life-changing transformation.

And this takes a large commitment by my team to ensure you actually get results.

This commitment starts months before you attend the event, and continues for months after you leave the event.

Because of this powerful work, we expect the event to be completely filled up within a week from launching this page.

So click the button below to secure your seat today:

RSVP For The H.A.V.E

May 17-19, 2019, Los Angeles

Everyone Deserves The Opportunity To Transform…

The H.A.V.E is guaranteed to help trigger a life-changing transformation in you.

We feel so strongly about this, that we are happily putting a money-back guarantee behind all of this.

But not only that…

We want everyone to get access to this, because we know what kind of life-changing potential it has.

Which is exactly why we’ve set up three-different levels of the program, which you’ll learn about when you click the button below.

No matter where you are in your life, you deserve this opportunity to finally fix yourself….

Please Note:

This Event WILL Sell Out.
Over 2,000 People Have Successfully Completed Our H.A.V.E Pre-Training Course, And Are Now Filling Up The Remaining Spots For The Event…

Spaces are extremely limited, and availability is not guaranteed.

But for those of you who refuse to take “no” for an answer, and are committed to taking control of your Inner Game, no matter what…

We’ve developed a thirteen-week H.A.V.E online course that covers the curriculum listed above, and will provide a much needed foundational guide for your transformation.

… even if you can’t get access to the event.

This 3-month online course was built on the same inner game lessons that laid the foundation for this event, and will include a support community, weekly assignments to put the lessons learned into practice, and coaching calls for additional, personalized support, and accountability.

While this comprehensive program alone is enough to trigger a shift and transformation in you, when combined with the in-person work we will do in Los Angeles, your life will never be the same again.

That’s guaranteed.

All H.A.V.E Attendees Will Receive Instant Access To The H.A.V.E Online Program

It’s the closest thing to an in-person transformation we can offer you, and arguably, more effective — depending on your learning style.

Because this is The Year Of Inner Game, after all, and as we like to say…

No Man Left Behind.

RSVP For The H.A.V.E

May 17-19, 2019, Los Angeles

An Unbeatable Guarantee:

If your experience with the H.A.V.E. is nothing short of life-changing, I insist you get 100% of your money back.

It’s simple: RSVP for the event or sign up for the program and see for yourself.

If this doesn’t spark a major change in you….

I’ll refund you 100% of your initial investment. No questions asked.

Just email me.

You carry no risk when you R.S.V.P. for The Human Anti-Virus Experience today.

Click the button below, save your spot, and get started today:

RSVP For The H.A.V.E

May 17-19, 2019, Los Angeles
To Have Your RSVP Covered By This 100% Money Back Guarantee, You Must Actively Participate In All Three Days Of The Event In Los Angeles.
Right now, you have three choices to make….

Choice 1: You Can Say “Thanks But No Thanks Neil”

And Click Away From This Page
And if this is what you decide to do, I wish you all the best.

But, think about it. You already know what will happen if you do this…

The heavy feeling in your heart.

The sense that you made a mistake, didn’t take an opportunity you could feel, deep down, you wanted to take.

The constant reminder that your current reality is good, but not great — in your relationships, career, and in your life. And the guilt in knowing you could have changed this, if you had only taken the chance while it was still available.

And then there’s…

Choice 2: Continue Mentally Masturbating

On The Self-Help Hamster Wheel
Here, you can continue doing what you’ve been doing.

Reading books, listening to podcasts, clicking through article after after.

And, sure, you may even experience some minor results.

But deep down, you’ll always feel that lingering sense of frustration.

The frustration in knowing you could have done better, and you should have the results you see so many other people achieving.

Luckily, though, it doesn’t have to be this way. Which leads us to…

Choice 3: Join Us At The H.A.V.E

The prov