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Seduction Illustrated by Anthony Berger

Why do I insist on getting involved in one-night stands as opposed to dating? All the other authors out there have extensive techniques and tips on how to get a girl’s number and how to ask them out on a date. I don’t. Whenever I get emails from guys asking me how to ask a girl out on a date I get frustrated because I have to rewrite the same email I just sent off to another guy with the same question. So, to automate some of my customer service, I have written my “One-night Stand” Manifesto. Basically it knocks dating. Dating is not bad or evil. I even date occasionally.

I just don’t believe that it is the best way to get gratuitous sex nor the fastest way to get laid with different women. Why? She was enjoying the conversation and your company. Why stop there? “Oh, because I want to invite her out for dinner on Thursday. I didn’t lose her she’ll go out and later get down with me.” Au contraire, mon-amie! You couldn’t be more wrong. – Antony Berger

Anthony Berger has been teaching seduction to young men for the last 4 years, has made numerous highly controversial TV, Radio and magazine appearances. Past students praise him, women despise him.