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Dating Accelerator by James Marshall

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  • Even if you’re a complete beginner
  • Even if you’ve never cold-approached before
  • Even if you have no idea where to start
This field-tested course will guide you step-by-step on how to start approaching and meeting women in your everyday life.

Why Most Guys Who Discover Seduction Never See Any Results

And What To Do About It

If you’ve just started out on your seduction journey, it’s perfectly normal to be completely confused about how to seduce beautiful women.

The Dating Accelerator – a comprehensive online video course by James Marshall is the perfect place to start.In this 3-week program you’ll learn the fundamentals of approaching beautiful women, getting numbers and going on dates, with lifetime access to all video modules to return to as you develop in skill and results.



Before I explain the course, I’m going to let you in on a little secret that men don’t talk about.

Most men spend their lives living with ‘oneitis’, an obsession with one girl they know (and often repeating this pattern with another girl every year or so)
They have their eye on a girl who’s ‘special’. Which means she’s not like the rest, in fact she’s better than any other girl out there. He hopes that one day he’s going to finally confess his love for her, and she’ll fall head over heels in love with them.

Happily ever after, right?

Not likely. Most of the time the girl thought of them only as friends, is completely taken off guard by the sudden confession and gently but firmly makes it clear that he needs to stay where he belongs..
That’s right.
In the Friendzone.
The Brutal Truth About Your Dating Life

Meanwhile, some guys have managed to convince themselves that they’ve got their dating life ‘under control’. Things are going ‘according to plan’.

Girls sometimes check them out when they’re at a bar with friends, they have a couple of options they could ‘make a move on’ in their social circle, and of course, the ace up their sleeve – Tinder.

Which to be brutally honest are just distraction strategies to ignore the cold, hard fact that most of their single life is spent, alone, frustrated and horny.
Last but not least is the guy who has retreated almost completely from women and dating. Faced with the prospect of having to take responsibility for meeting women, he’s decided to burrow down in a bunker, to hide away from the world and focus on his studies, career, or worse, video games…
hoping that one day the right girl will come along.
Starting to sound familiar?

I get it. After all, this whole puzzle of dating and meeting women can seem incredibly confusing.

It’s not like they taught it to you in school, and unless you had an alpha guy around to show you the ropes when you were growing up how were you supposed to figure it out?

As someone who has been through this phase, what I call ‘Beginner’s Hell’, I can tell you right away that unless you start taking responsibility and make something happen, it’s never going to change.
I can count on one hand the amount of times girls have asked me out on a date.
I don’t even need hands to count the amount of times I’ve had girls initiate sex with me.
The illusion that you either ‘have it’ or you don’t, that you’re either ‘good with women’ or a total lost case is just that: an illusion.
But right now, if you’ve just found out about seduction, you’re sitting somewhere in between. If you’ve never been coached by someone who knows what they’re doing, never taken a workshop and aren’t out approaching women every day, you’re in ‘Beginner’s Hell’.
This means that you’re convincing yourself that what you’re doing is working, when really it’s the seduction equivalent of running on a hamster wheel.
Waiting around and hoping that life will present you the perfect opportunity so you don’t have to try, don’t have to take any risks and most importantly…