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Perfecting Blogging + Perfecting Pinterest Bundle 2023 By Sophia Lee For Immediate Digital Download!



The Exact Techniques + Methods Used To Create and Manage a Six-Figure Blog, As Well The Exact Pinterest Strategy Sophia Uses To Get Over 500,000 Monthly Pageviews

Learn how I started a blog that gets over 500,000 monthly pageviews and earns more than 5-figures a month.
How receives over 10+ million monthly impressions on Pinterest which directly helps her earn 6-figures annually.

Want to kickstart your blogging career? Already have a blog and want to take it to the next level? These course goes over all the best blogging practices you need in order to grow and monetize your blog as well as my entire Pinterest strategy.

Just one year after starting my blog, I was receiving over 100,000 monthly pageviews. Three years later, I am averaging over 500,000 monthly page views with a monthly income over 5-figures; these courses show you exactly how I do that, so you can go and replicate it with your own blog.

Course Curriculum – Perfecting Blogging

Welcome to the Perfecting Blogging Master Course!

  • Welcome to Perfecting Blogging!
  • What You Need For This Course
  • Who is Sophia?

Perfecting Blogging: Really Freakin’ Important Things You Need To Know About Blogging

  • The ONE Thing That You Must Know For A Successful Blog
  • How I Chose My Niche + What You Need To Know About Choosing Your Own Niche

Perfecting Blogging: Setting Up A Website That Your Readers Will Trust

  • Why I Think The Way Your Website Looks Is INSANELY Important To Having A Fast-Growing Website
  • What To Name Your Blog
  • 4 Important Things I Looked For When Buying A Theme
  • How I Save Time While Still Making My Graphics Look GOOD
  • Branding Guide for Canva
  • Branding Guide for Adobe Illustrator
  • Where I Get My Fonts + Pictures From
  • What You Need To Include In Your Blog’s Menu
  • What To Include In Your About Page
  • How I Blogged Anonymously for Two Years

Course Curriculum – Perfecting Pinterest

Hi, I’m Sophia!

I started this blog back when I was a sophomore in college, and by the time I graduated I was making over 5-figures a month. It definitely wasn’t easy, but it (clearly) was possible.

Now, I’m showing the specific techniques and methods I used so you can have the same results. Get excited…this course will change your LIFE!

Perfecting Blogging + Perfecting Pinterest Bundle 2023 By Sophia Lee, What Is It Included (Content Proof: Watch Here!)