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Negotiation for Real Estate Investors By John Schaub – Instant Download!

John Schaub: Negotiation for Real Estate Investors
Negotiating can make you more money per hour than anything else you can do. Develop your negotiating skills and increase your profits everyday when dealing with sellers, buyers, tenants, and lenders.

For forty years John has negotiated his way to success. He has acquired more than 150 properties for his own account, manages all of his own properties and often negotiates for others. His deals range from houses to complex commercial transactions worth millions of dollars. Learn how to increase your profits on every transaction. Learn how to acquire assets that will produce an ever-increasing cash flow for the rest of your life.

Here are just a few topics John will cover in this exciting and practical course:

Defining limits that keep you in control of the negotiation
Neutralizing difficult negotiators
Deciding when to negotiate and when to walk away
Knowing what to ask for with your first offer
Questions you need to ask before making an offer
Negotiating in the right place and at the right time
Recognizing and countering different negotiating styles
Getting the other party to commit first
Seven secrets of successful negotiators
Counteroffers that get you to closing
Getting the other party to improve their offer without making a concession
Developing trust that allows you to succeed where others have failed
Knowing how to always leave the door open when you have to walk away
Influencing the other parties behavior to get them to “yes”

“I have been an investor for over 30 years and have negotiated with hundreds of sellers. I learned negotiating techniques that will greatly increase my negotiating skills. This is a GREAT class. I highly recommend it.” Larry Harbolt, St. Pete , FL

“Clear, relevant, practical and enjoyable. John Schaub makes every word count. His simple language and depth of useful techniques makes his seminar worth every minute. I keep coming back because it pays to learn from the best.” Barron Johnson, Tampa, FL

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