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John Schaub – Making Money With Investors  19 CDs + PDFs

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Have you ever found a great deal, but lacked the cash for the down payment? Have you ever had a bank refuse to make you a loan, or take so long to make the loan that you lost the deal? Now you can learn John’s unique strategies for finding investors and structuring profitable investor’s transactions.

John started buying property in his early twenties when he was broke. He had no income, so he could not qualify for a bank loan. His only source of capital was local investors. In thirty years as a full time investor, he has shared in millions of dollars of profits with many local investors.

This is what John’s students have to say:

“The essence of genius is simplicity and you have the ability to make things practical and simple. As a result of attending your seminar I’ll take my 6 page agreement down to a couple of pages. I highly recommend that investors attend your seminar.”
-W. Roger Salam
“Full of creative I never might have thought of that would make an investor comfortable as well as me.”
-Dan Rousseau
“John leaves no stone unturned.”
-L.E. Frush
“It beat the heck out of a $2000 boot camp!”
-Andrea Page
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