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Melonie Dodaro – Cracking The Linkedin Code 3.0 | Instant Download !


Discover How to Turn LinkedIn into Your Biggest Lead and Sales Generator with Consistent, Predictable Results Without Being Aggressive or Sales-y

…Even If LinkedIn Is the ONLY Digital Platform You Use!

Dear Fellow LinkedIn User,

The promise of digital marketing and social selling is enormous. You can generate more leads and get more clients, without ever having to leave your desk, and in some cases, while you sleep.

In reality, it’s not that simple.

What worked before, isn’t working now. New algorithms, shifting social dynamics, even geopolitical tides make generating sales online a moving target.

There’s too much focus on collecting connections, when they only sit there and gather dust or become annoyed by hollow sales engagement attempts…

…instead of building powerful relationships that lead to REVENUE. People interested in doing actual business stopped caring about your number of connections years ago.

Today, most people spend their time learning about silver bullet, flavor-of-the-day strategies that won’t work a year from now. Rather, they should use a timeless, business-growth strategy that is effective today and will continue to be for many years to come.

In fact, all this time, the obvious answer has been right in front of us.

LinkedIn is the social media platform that was specifically built for business. Yet, most people never get beyond simply gathering connections.

When used right, it’s the new land of opportunity.

If you’re serious about your digital sales strategy, then it’s time to leverage LinkedIn to its potential by implementing a system that fosters relationships – relationships that lead to clients.

If you’re still skeptical and wonder “why LinkedIn?”, here’s a statistic that should remove all doubt:

Over 80% of all B2B leads generated by social media come from LinkedIn.

But what qualifies a lead? Are those leads turning into sales?

In my conversations with thousands of sales pros, business owners, leaders, marketers and professional service providers, I hear the same thing over and over…

“Melonie, I know I should be using LinkedIn, but I don’t get it. It feels complicated and confusing. It takes way too much time for too few results. I try to connect with people, but turning those connections into meaningful conversations isn’t happening. So I just don’t use it.”

The bottom line: most people don’t know how to use LinkedIn effectively. There are two all-too-common mistakes even sales and marketing professionals make when trying to use LinkedIn for social selling:

They get a conversation going online, but don’t know how to effectively move the conversation offline, which is where business actually gets done.

They rush to the pitch–moving too quickly from making a connection to trying to sell something–which effectively destroys trust and any possibility of a future sale.

The good news?

You can achieve incredible results, when you know exactly how to use LinkedIn, as you’ll start outperforming your competitors and have a strategic advantage with generating more sales.

By having a proven, reliable system in place coupled with personalized support and accountability…

  1. You will generate more leads.
  2. You will have more sales calls with qualified prospects.
  3. You will get more clients.
  4. You will increase your sales and profits.

All because you’ve made the decision to focus your efforts on using the platform built for business the right way to earn more business.

Wouldn’t you love it if you were able to…

Implement a revenue-producing system to reliably and consistently bring leads in, turn them into prospects and achieve a steady stream of sales?

Focus on a single platform in the right way for better, smoother growth, instead of a huge, fractured network of less-effective sites and systems to look after?

Control your sales pipeline with a proven social selling process that can give predictable growth?

Have a step-by-step process to run your sales-generating system vs. guessing what to do from day to day?

Stop having to learn new silver bullet marketing methods that work today, but not tomorrow?

Spend less time on your business, enjoy the benefits of greater profits, and finally run your business, rather than it running you?

You can achieve all of that once you start building and nurturing relationships the right away on LinkedIn.

With that being said, I understand it may still be a challenge to figure out exactly what to do.

That’s why I created a program to not only share my strategy with you, but more importantly, to give you the guidance, coaching, feedback and accountability that will ensure your success.

Your Success Awaits…


Cracking The LinkedIn Code3.0

The Art of Social Selling

This program is your complete solution for creating an effective and profitable LinkedIn social selling strategy, building a steady pipeline of prospects, and amplifying your digital sales and marketing strategy.

This is more than a training program. It is your…

Complete and robust social selling system

Comprehensive content marketing program

Reliable LinkedIn lead generation process

Authority building thought leadership platform

This helps ensure that whatever your goals are on LinkedIn, you’ll have everything you need to achieve them.

Welcome to a step-by-step system and framework that will…

…keep your sales pipeline full of qualified prospects who are excited to talk to you. In less time than you think, you will be generating more sales conversations, booking more clients and increasing your revenue.

No more guessing. No more wondering if there’s a better way. No more throwing up your hands after a few unsuccessful attempts at reaching out to people.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, marketer, sales person or professional service provider this program will allow you to reach more of your ideal clients, in less time, and generate more sales.

Today’s modern buyer has a different set of expectations. They are able to see when and how they are being marketed to all the time, and are consequently sick of all the noise.

Cracking the LinkedIn Code 3.0 will show you exactly how to connect credibly, to communicate your expertise and authority, and to earn your prospect’s trust so that they buy from you.

  1. One System.
  2. One Method.
  3. Massively Scalable Results.

It’s not about doing everything when it comes to digital marketing and social selling. It’s about doing the right thing. And doing it well.

Here’s just some of what you will discover in Cracking the LinkedIn Code 3.0

How to reach buyers more effectively and have a leg up on your competition by understanding the unique psychology of today’s modern buyer.

How to quickly build your Authority and Credibility, increase Trust, and establish thought leadership.

How to compel prospects to want to connect with you by having and displaying a powerful personal brand.

How to build relationships the right way on LinkedIn and how to quickly transition that to a phone call.

How to see what’s working and who’s paying attention to you and your content and find the hottest prospects using LinkedIn’s analytics the best way.

How to more quickly (and easily) mine your network for leads, prospects, referrals and warm introductions.

If and when you should use Sales Navigator to more effectively grow your business.

This program is more than a how-to guide; it’s truly the art of social selling successfully.

You will be able to have your questions answered and receive personalized guidance and feedback on…

The most important aspects and functions of your LinkedIn profile

The effectiveness of your personal brand as it relates to your target market

Your messaging and whether or not it is compelling and will resonate with your ideal clients

How to create a content strategy and build thought leadership quickly

Exactly where you should focus your time and attention

Implementing a proven system to fill your sales pipeline and book more business

And so much more…

This Works Best for
B2B Individuals and Businesses

So, we’re clear on what a B2B individual or business is, I’m referring to individuals such as:

Entrepreneurs & B2B Business Owners

Marketers (Digital and Traditional)

Sales Professionals and Sales Leaders

B2B Professional Service Providers

Thought Leaders and Emerging Leaders

Business Development

Speakers, Authors, Coaches

Economic Development

If you found your profession on the above list, this will be exceedingly effective for you.

I promise.

Cracking The LinkedIn Code3.0

The Art of Social Selling

Here’s what you’ll experience:

A Step-by-Step Solution to Generating Sales Online

LAUNCH BONUS: Half off your tuition compared to regular pricing

This is a comprehensive system that includes everything you need to transform your LinkedIn strategy into a money-making, client-attracting machine in record time!

A ‘Done-With-You’ Approach So You’re Never Stuck

FAST ACTION BONUS: Six months of support (instead of three months)

You’ll be supported every step of the way, with my attention, feedback and guidance—taking all of the guesswork out of implementing what you learn. You’ll be able to ask questions, get personalized feedback, and be part of a community that holds you accountable to putting this powerful strategy to work, generating more leads and increasing your sales. You don’t have to figure it out alone.

Valuable Bonuses to Really Amplify Your Results

LAUNCH BONUSES: The most comprehensive bonus package that will ever be offered

I’m sharing thousands of dollars’ worth of extras that I normally reserve to my private and corporate clients so that you can enjoy the highest ROI on your investment in yourself and your business.

What the comprehensive Cracking the LinkedIn Code 3.0 Curriculum covers:

Module 1

The LinkedIn Primer: Everything you need to know to start attracting clients quickly

Click for module details

Module 2

Messaging Matters: How to Craft Messages and Responses that Open Doors

Click for module details

Module 3

Build a Powerful Personal Brand that Captivates Decision Makers and Engages Ideal Prospects

Click for module details

Module 4

Social Selling Best Practices and LinkedIn Etiquette: How to Stand Out from the Crowd

Click for module details

Module 5

LinkedIn Prospecting Perfected: How to Find and Generate a Consistent Flow of New Leads

Click for module details

Module 6

The LINK Method™: The Proven Formula to Go Quickly from Prospect to Client

Click for module details

Module 7

The Content Marketing ACT™ to Increase Visibility and Thought Leadership

Click for module details

Module 8

The Authority Formula: How to Increase Credibility and Build Trust

Click for module details

Module 9

The Art of Social Selling: Develop the Skills and Implement the Actions to Grow Your Sales Pipeline

Click for module details

Module 10

Executing and Optimizing Your Social Selling Playbook

Click for module details

Module 11

LinkedIn Membership Levels: Free Membership vs. Sales Navigator and How to Choose the Right Fit for Your Business

Click for module details

Module 12

2x, 3x, EVEN 10x Your Revenue: How to Succeed in the Age of Digital Transformation

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Here’s why I created this powerful program…

Some people are born networkers, connectors and salespeople.

I’m not one of them. In fact, if you put me in a networking event, I’ll be the person quietly standing in the corner, only talking to the people who come over to talk to me. (For those that know Meyers-Briggs, I’m an INTJ.)

That being said, I am a person of deep integrity. I was born with a compass of doing things well and doing them right. So when I started my first business, 20 years ago, I was determined to achieve success in the shortest time possible, without what I would call… unethical shortcuts.

I’ve built many businesses from start-up to multiple seven figures and have experienced massive success, but that’s just the beginning of the story, because as the field of digital marketing and social selling came into being, evolved and grew, I saw an opportunity.

Here was a brand-new way that someone like me, an ambitious introvert, could reach people all over the world, and do so with authenticity, credibility and trust.

My first book became a #1 international bestseller. It was also about leveraging the power of LinkedIn as a powerful business building tool.

But things have changed since then. What worked then, isn’t working now. So this program is a complete revision of my work. You are going to be able to access the most up-to-date and current strategies that will give you the exact steps to creating extraordinary results.

Ultimately, my life’s work is about teaching you to excel at modern marketing and selling to enhance, strengthen, and grow relationships and business. It is to show you that you can rise above the noise of the marketplace by being the best of yourself. By showing up. By playing the game–better than your competitors.

I love the idea that our values can be the foundation of an extraordinary business. That we don’t ever have to compromise them.

I hope that you do, too.

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How to Set Up Your LinkedIn Company Page
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LinkedIn Advertising Training
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