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Life Skills Workbook For Clients by Ranae – Instant download!

Life Skills Workbook For Clients by Ranae
Life Skills Workbook For Clients by Ranae

Life Skills Workbook for Clients. This is a workbook designed to enhance self discovery. Inner work is a continuous life process. The more you focus on knowing who you are, the better your life will work. This workbook is meant to take you to the places where you might have trapped trauma and unresolved emotions stored. This workbook will increase your knowledge and awareness of why things show up in your life the way they do. Rapid Eye Technology sessions discharge the old trapped trauma and greatly assists you in making the connections on all levels, physical , emotional, mental and spiritual. Life Skills assist you in developing new ideas and ways to create quality living. The truth and awareness you will discover will be yours alone. Each of us in this world goes on our own personal journey. We all have wonderful creative powers to discover. As we bridge the belief in separation and connect to our source, we will discover nothing is out side of ourselves. We begin to find a wonderful new freedom.

This workbook is an instructional experience for clients traveling beyond the realm of the past. This journal is designed to promote positive life-style change. It depends upon your motivation and hard work. Your open and honest responses will allow you to personalize the information provided to your individual circumstances. Don’t concern yourself as much with neatness, handwriting or spelling as you do with the accuracy of your statements and the expression of your feelings. Feel free to use any white space of margins to complete your thoughts.