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Kevin G. Madison – Day Mastery Tenets Masterclass

Peace Of Mind Begins With Mastering Your Day

The ‘Day Mastery Tenets Masterclass’ is a 6-week, 6-module course for you, if you want to have sustainable Peace of Mind in all facets of your life, be able to overcome the thoughts and questions that are destroying the sanctuary of your mind, and be able to actually live.

Our world moves at such a crazy fast pace, that most of us are doing the best we can each day simply trying to stay on top of things…so when something happens outside of our control that throws our world, and in particular – our minds, into chaos, most of us get left in dust.

Our minds become, quite literally, a living hell – a prison.

Sure we try things to get out of our ‘funks’, depressed state, or try to ‘fix’ the problem. We try the latest healing trends, we try meditating, different types of religions, or maybe a new diet, yoga, running, candles and crystals, herbal teas and rose baths, etc.

Or maybe we think that the next relationship, getting a promotion and making more money, or having the perfect body will ‘fix’ the problem.

“If only I had *fill in the blank*, then I would be happy and at peace.”

But no matter what you strive for, what you obtain, or what you try…nothing really works, at least not for long.

So eventually, you stop, and simply trying to survive each day as it comes.

Until now…

The Day Mastery Tenets Masterclass is a simple, yet profound program that anyone can take, apply to their daily routine (all it really takes is 15 minutes a day), and find the answer to the happiness and peace they are searching for.

This is about YOUR LIFE. Learning how to LIVE. Not just living by default, breathing and eating food and doing what is expected…but actually THRIVING. Loving and being grateful for every single day you awaken to, and being excited about the possibilities that each new day brings.

Your Instructor

Kevin G. Madison

Course Curriculum

Tenet #1
  • Find an Enriching Source to Learn From (46:04)
Tenet #2
  • Invest Attention (24:30)
Tenet #3
  • Determine What is Most Valuable and Make the Decision Swiftly (22:14)
Tenet #4
  • Carry Nothing for Later, Only What is Needed for the Day (33:19)
Tenet #5
  • Identify Where You Will Apply What Has Enriched You (18:51)