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Johnny Soporno’s Online Successfulness Workshop 2023 By Johnny Soporno For Immediate Digital Download!

Johnny Soporno’s Online Successfulness Workshop
Be able to confidently approach anyone, increase your influence, and take control of your life in 30 days or less.

The Online Successfulness Workshop

The Successfulness Workshop is a 4 week online intensive that FORCES overwhelming success and happiness out of you by “installing” all the fundamental aspects of Successfulness into your mind in as short of time as possible DIRECTLY taught by Johnny Soporno

Success will just seem to start “happening” for you automatically, and it won’t stop.

It’s exactly for guys who hate the idea of NOT living the life of their dreams or settling for average like everyone else.

This is 100% beginner friendly. This program is designed to work for a total novice without any prior experience BUT also has training for more advanced students to grow even further.


  • Ego Mastery
  • Self love and preventing bias


  • Challenging conventions
  • expectation management


  • The “Social Hierarchy”
  • Removing the wool from your eyes


  • Eliminating self deception
  • summing up

Your Instructor

Johnny Soporno

Johnny is a professional “Lifestyle Guru”, traveling internationally giving seminars and conducting workshops, and coaching men, women, and couples on Expectation Management (setting reasonable and appropriate expectations of and for both themselves and others), Understanding Love, and Achieving Successfulness.

Course Curriculum


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The Ego

  • Understanding your ego
  • “What daddy doesn’t know won’t hurt him
  • How language creates your ego
  • Why you can never be free from choice
  • A few differences between men and women
  • Let’s challenge science for a moment
  • Challenging science – Part 2
  • Women’s estrus and ovulation – and why it matters
  • Accountability and making mistakes
  • End of chapter quiz

Ego Mastery, Reasoned Confidence and Challenging Beliefs

  • Reframing definitions
  • Flipping the script on your ego
  • Reasoned confidence part 1
  • Reasoned confidence part 2
  • Reasoned confidence part 3
  • Let’s challenge some beliefs
  • End of chapter quiz

Women’s arousal

  • Every woman is different
  • Women can sense what you’re about
  • Helping women get over bad paradigms
  • Non-judgemental acceptance
  • End of chapter quiz

Confidence, approaching women, sexual competence and happiness

  • Self-deception and sublime confidence
  • Approaching women and open relationships
  • One night stands and sexual competence
  • Privacy
  • Ovulation as pre-historic birth control
  • Great truths, happiness and an easy life
  • End of chapter quiz

Self Love, Preventing Bias and Challenging Conventions

  • Being your own best friend
  • Dealing with psychological biases
  • Challenging conventions
  • End of chapter quiz

Expectation Management

  • Managing your expectations of yourself
  • Managing others’ expectations of you
  • Managing your expectations of other people
  • End of chapter quiz

Understanding the social hierarchy

  • Dealing with assumptions
  • The 4 types of people
  • A few examples
  • Summing up the hierarchy
  • End of chapter quiz

Removing The Wool From Your Eyes

  • Words, authority figures and the game of life
  • The sexy boyfriend versus the boring hubby
  • End of chapter quiz

Summing up

  • Finding advice, motivation and gratitude
  • Some final clarifications and conclusions
  • End of chapter quiz
  • What’s next?

Johnny Soporno’s Online Successfulness Workshop 2023 By Johnny Soporno, What Is It Included (Content Proof: Watch Here!)