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John Overdurf – 2020 12 Daze Bundle | Instant Download !



I don’t know about you, but this has been a helluva year. Our last live training here was February this year. So it was time to take a dive into the vault of 17 years of TCU recordings and about 10 years of every live training on video. I wanted to stick to more current topics and trainings which we’d done here at the farm. I was surprised what I found.

There was a lot of gold in the vault I’d forgotten.

I guess this whole Covid thing makes us all take stock about what we have compared to what think we don’t….when you slow down….expand your awareness…look for what’s new and different, finding yourself, more deeply inspired.

The information and processes I found are truly transformative and will give you an amazing perspective for how to perceive reality in novel ways and effectively coach on multiple levels to create resilient change.

I picked these three video trainings and full-out demos because they are inspired examples of the power and beauty of the unconscious mind.

So, this is not just classic NLP or Hypnosis. This is something else. Much of what you’ll learn you won’t find anywhere else AND It has clear learnable, potent, and flexible structures. The synergy of neuroscience, epigenetics, rhizomatic perception continues to be the most significant material I’ve developed so far! It has truly affected me in the most positive ways. I hope it will for you, too.

Variety is the spice of life…The demonstrations of each program are all quite different in tempo, approach, use of physiology, voice tone, some times very uptime, sometimes deep trance work and lots of in between with continual multilevel communication throughout.

What we’re offering for this year’s 12 Daze of Xmas Bundle is a heaping helping of some of the best I can offer for home study. Each of the programs below flow into a major training you can do in the comfort of your own home. There’s very little editing so you will get the look, sound, and feel of all the spontaneous moments and there are MANY,.

And there are LOTS of cool bonuses, so check them all out

  1. The Inner View Overview of Overdurfian Hypnotic Coaching 3.0
  2. An Overdurfian Take on Epigenetics & Re-consolidating Introjects
  3. OHC in Action: Rhizomatic Alignment