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Mortgage Sales Mastery – The Mortgage Broker Email List Builder Program

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WEBINAR: How to attract 5 new mortgage customers every week.

With hundreds of thousands Mortgage Professionals registered across the globe, most only ever make average earnings. The new breed of Mortgage Professionals are cashing in pay checks more than 10x the average. And with no greater skill set then the average who are leveraging a little-known secret; how to attract 5 new customers every single week, consistently!

If you want to change the way you market and prospect for new clients and join this new breed, register for this free online webinar now!

The Mortgage Broker Email List Builder Course

Did you speak to 5 new customers this week? What about next week.. do you have 5 customers lined up who want to talk to you, who truly value you and the changes you can bring to their lives?

The number one reason why Brokers struggle is because they do not have an established prospecting system that consistently delivers a regular flow of new clients each week.

If you’re a Mortgage Broker who is ready to build an effective marketing system, which the ability to deliver 5 new loan customers to you every single week, then stop cold-calling, stop following up dis-interested people, stop chasing one-sided referral relationships and join the Mortgage Broker Email List Building Course!

The Mortgage Broker Email List Building course is a purpose built prospecting system that teaches Mortgage Brokers how to generate 5 new client leads every week with specialised Facebook Ads, a drip feed email system and a process to popularise your personal brand amongst clients and “opt in” subscribers. The course includes Facebook Ad templates and email templates for you to personalise, and 5 different lead magnet templates for you to personalise also. Together with that, all the complete step-by-step how to videos are provided for every step of creating this powerful prospecting system.

Once you’ve registered, you will join an exclusive closed Facebook group with other students to leverage ongoing support, training, and adhoc Facebook Ad templates going forward.

Maximise your earning potential and join today by clicking the link below.

One-On-One Consulting

Mark Blundell’s one-on-one consulting package can help you achieve your targets in a shorter period of time. I can help you identify your sales goals, and then design a working strategy and practice that will deliver you to your goal each month.

Monthly Engagement (3 months minimum)

During your two skype sessions per month, with Adhoc email as required, Mark will coach and mentor you and your team on the following items:

  • Motivation – Dealing with obstacles and staying on top of your game.

  • Advanced client engagement to maximise opportunity.

  • Increasing the number of daytime appointments per week.

  • Increasing Investment property sales.

  • Advanced prospecting engagement strategy

  • How to ensure you stand out in a competitive market

  • Highly effective marketing strategies

  • Increasing your lead to client conversion.

Key Note Speaker

Mark’s presentations are often referred to as the most engaging, inspiring and thought provoking sessions they have ever experienced in the industry. Having presented at countless national conferences and professional development days, Mark focusses on inspiring attendees to grow and achieve their maximum potential in the mortgage industry.

Mark specialises in the following areas:

  • How to engage clients and take them out of the market.

  • Developing your own personal brand.

  • Adding value to your client relationship.

  • Securing referrals from professionals.

  • How to be intuitive and deliver exactly what your customer wants.

  • Promoting insurance and property investment to clients.

  • How technology can grow your business 10x bigger.