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Hi my name is Joe Santos Garcia a web developer based out of NYC. I’ve worked on projects for major companies. I have a successful youtube channel with over 50,000 subscribers who love my tutorials and over 50,000 students world wide in multiple platforms. My goal is to get all my students and subscribers to level of being hired as a developer.

Course Curriculum

StartReact Native intro (4:43)
StartRequirements (7:21)
StartHow are we going to teach here (1:48)
StartHow can you view your applications (4:37)
StartBuilding Our First App with Expo (16:21)
Startcontrolling your Android phone with vysor (6:15)
StartInstalling xcode for ios simulator (Mac Only) (14:14)
StartFiles structure (4:01)
StartCreating our app js from scratch (15:24)
StartAlign your views with flexbox (16:13)
StartCreating your first component (9:39)
StartUsing Props (12:47)
StartScroll View (5:07)
StartHandling Touch (13:39)
StartHandling Text Input and managing state with react hooks (17:16)
Project 1 Counter
StartInitialize our counter app (5:08)
StartBuild the counters layout (19:55)
StartMaking our counter functional (15:11)
Basic Part 2
StartWorking with Images (12:41)
StartWorking with Icons (7:03)
StartUsing Lists for Performance (19:17)
StartNetworking with react native (15:09)
Project 2 = Task Management App
Startsetting up for our task-app (3:11)
StartHome Page Layout (20:04)
StartHeader Layout (15:12)
StartStatus Card Layout (22:22)
StartChange color of status bar (5:06)
StartTasks Layout (21:10)
StartCreate Page Layout (23:32)
StartMake navigational buttons functional (13:21)
Startcreate state for all tasks (8:03)
StartCreate Edit Page and Make it functional part 1 (20:00)
StartCreate Edit Page and Make it functional part 2 (18:39)
StartCreating a new task (26:15)
StartEdit The Status (5:15)
Startmake status cards functional (9:27)
More videos being added
StartNew Lecture