Jeb Blount – The NEW Essentials of Text & Direct Messaging | Virtual Selling | Instant Download !


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Direct messaging is a SALES MEGA-TREND. More than four billion people communicate on mobile messaging tools each day. In this course, you learn how to gain a massive competitive edge with strategies, tactics, techniques, and tips for leveraging text & direct messaging for prospecting, sales, and account management.


Text messaging and direct messaging are the “Swiss Army Knives” of sales communication. This is why they are exploding as sales tools.

Sales professionals who master these important communication tools will become more agile, effective communicators and gain a decided competitive edge.

In this course, Jeb Blount – the world’s most sought after sales trainer – gives you tools, techniques, and tactics for leveraging text and direct messaging to:

  • Skip past gatekeepers
  • Capture the attention of top prospects
  • Stand-out from the crowd
  • Advance opportunities through the pipeline faster


This is a comprehensive self-directed, e-learning course delivered step-by-step through 28 studio-quality videos, guides, lessons, and exercises including:

  • The Four-Step Direct Message Prospecting Framework
  • Five Rules For Structuring Effective Text Messages
  • How to Integrate Messaging Into Prospecting Sequences
  • Seven Steps to Building Effective Prospecting Sequences
  • The Dark Side of Messaging
  • Text Messaging for Responsive Customer Service
  • Leveraging Text Messaging to Keep You Fingers on the Pulse of Key Accounts
  • Leveraging Text Messaging for Customer Appreciation
  • How to Leverage Text & Direct Messaging for Down Pipeline Communication and Advancing Pipeline Opportunities
  • Leveraging Text Messaging for Nurturing High-Value Prospects
  • How to Use Text Messages to Engage Buyers Following Trigger Events
  • Why You Must Avoid the Connection Request Bait and Switch
  • The LCS Strategy for Improving Direct Message Conversion
  • Four Keys to Setting More Appointments After Networking Events
  • The Biggest Challenge With Learning Direct Messaging Apps