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Jason White – The Federal Code Blueprint 2023 2.0

What You Get:

  • 27 Modules of video based step-by-step tutorials
  • ​​How to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS and ACTUALLY TALK to A Government Official 
  • ​3 examples and over 30 minutes of REAL, LIVE CALLS (Hint: this is how you’ll win the contracts and if you’re lacking confidence and stumble on your words, you’re going to need to work on that!)
  • ​​How to navigate the SAM.GOV step by step with screen sharing
  • ​​How to understand contracts on SAM.GOV a complete breakdown with Jason
  • ​​How to find the best opportunities in the federal market (How to filter, what to look for)
  • ​​How to understand the codes & terminology 
  • ​​The best pricing strategies and negotiation techniques
  • ​​How to filter out all the noise/ unnecessary information without the overwhelm
  • ​​PLUS! Answers to the most commonly asked questions