ChartWzrd – Supply and Demand Video Course

Our service’s primary objective is to ensure consistent profitability for our members in their trading endeavors, with the option for individual funding if desired. However, the journey doesn’t end there. Achieving excellence as a trader entails excelling in every aspect. This encompasses your mindset, psychology, routine, fitness, healthy living, resilient thinking, and a strong work ethic. My focus is on instilling these qualities in our community members, fostering their evolution into the best versions of themselves.

Our trading approach is centered on key elements such as price action, supply and demand, trend analysis, market structure, momentum, and order flow. The risk/reward ratio ranges from 1:5 and can extend up to 1:20s and 1:30s. The core of our trading philosophy revolves around comprehending the reasons behind price movements, understanding the underlying motivations for market fluctuations. Embracing our trading methodology is poised to revolutionize your perspective on financial markets.