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Income Hero Academy By Dan Khan For Digital Download!

Income Hero Academy
From $0 To $10,000 In 45 Days Or Less

Grab your share of… the most powerful results-based affiliate marketing training for life-changing passive income

The Income Hero Academy Method Has Created
More 6-Figure Earners
Than Any Other Program Online… Period!

  • Experience Level
    Complete Beginner To Marketing Expert
  • Outcomes
    Job-Replacing, Lifestyle Levels Of Passive Income & Location Freedom

 Income Hero Academy By Dan Khan

 Income Hero Academy By Dan Khan
Industry-Shifting Advantages

Real World & Current

Income Hero Academy uses cutting edge online income strategies that are proven and repeatable.

You’ll be using recognized authority platforms & best practices to deliver real value while generating life-changing income.

No Experience Needed

You’ve probably heard this before, but in Income Hero Academy we BREATHE ‘beginner-friendly’.

Location Independent

You can do this from anywhere on the planet – all you need is internet.

Proven Results Over Morning Coffee

This is my favorite part!

Our strategies require you to take some time your of your schedule to make this work. How long? How does 10 minutes a day sound?

Yes! That’s how long you need to make a reliable and scalable income with affiliate marketing!

One of our strategies only require you to set up once and NEVER touch again. We make $3,000 on autopilot every month

World-Class Tools & Shortcuts Included

You deserve success, so you get the best tools available to do it!

You get access to the best softwares in the market, our 6-figure campaigns and light-speed DFY funnels

Leverage us and you WILL see success, you just need to show up!

Who’s Dan Khan?

 Income Hero Academy By Dan Khan
Turning Ordinary Citizens Into Wealthy Superheroes

I’m just some young guy that worked his butt off to figure all this stuff out

After making only a few dollars my first year (with hundreds of hours of work) my business did multiple 6 figures the very next year. (Dropped out of college too!)

Became the top 1% affiliate in the world!
Will You Be Next?

I can still remember the first time I learned the concept of Passive Income. Since then I have spent literally thousands of hours (so you don’t have to) in the pursuit of creating my own.

I now own my own business that runs on almost complete automation, bringing in multiple 6 Figures in 2020. I get asked every day how to do it.

That’s why I created Income Hero Academy!

What You’re Getting

Income Hero Training Series

You will get full access to my Income Hero Training Series

This is foolproof program that will get you results within DAYS

I have spent months developing this series to make sure that each and every one of you get results

If you want to hit $10,000 Per Month FAST, this training will do the trick!

Finally access all the secrets and watch as I pull back the curtain and reveal how to actually make serious money online

Zero stress, zero overwhelm. Simply follow the step-by-step guide I walk you through and you’ll be up and running fast!

Done For You Money Pages

Need high converting opt-in pages and landing pages?

Look no further

I have created thousands of pages in my time online and I have narrowed down the best converting ones

Simply steal my pages and start earning!

60 Money Making Emails

The money is in the list. Everyone knows that.

But not everyone knows how to write emails that convert

Not everyone knows how to write emails that capture people’s attention

That’s why I am here

I’ll give you 60 money making emails that will line your wallets with cash!

Copy & Paste Ad Templates

Running ads without a proven template is just plain dumb

You are shooting blind and praying to god you land a shot

Simply use my ad templates and start getting high quality clicks and big profits!

Done-For-You Website & Email Automation

Most people give up because they are not tech savvy

Even though my course is step-by-step and easy to follow

You still need to set some stuff up

So I decided to do something. Why not let my team set up all your pages and emails?
We make sure everything is done right the FIRST time

Don’t worry about messing up, we got you!

50 Money Making Keywords

There’s nothing much to say here

I’m going to give you 50 laser targeted keywords right out of the gate

This will open floods of buyer traffic to your ads and get you the best results!

No more second-guessing yourself, I’ve done the hard work for you

Money Printing Proven Offers

Why Only Get Paid Once?

The secret to affiliate marketing in 2022 is to find offers that pay you today, tomorrow, 6 months from now or even 5 YEARS from now.

Don’t settle for measly 1-time commissions! We teach you how to earn $1000 commissions over and over again!

And Best Of All…
When You Lock Your Spot Right Now,
You’ll Also Get These Exclusive Bonuses!

Solo Ads Mastery

I’m going to teach you a 1-click traffic source that is super profitable and easy to get started.

Literally push 1 button and start getting targeted traffic within seconds!

Email Marketing Mastery

We all know by now that email marketing is the TRUE way to make money online

I spent a lot of money learning how to do email marketing, $20,000 to be exact.

Now I am going to spill all my secrets on a silver platter for you

Knowledge Of The Future

Haha, this bonus sounds a bit weird
But let me explain

I am constantly evolving and investing in new coaching so that I can keep up with the ever-changing online world

Anything I learn in the future will be immediately added to Income Hero Academy

Passive Income Machine

Dan will show you exactly how to set up your very own passive income machine that will pay you FOREVER!

This technique is completely underground and not many marketers know about this method
We make $3,000 per month on autopilot!
How long does it take to set up a Passive Income Machine?

How does 5 minutes sound?

Why do I call it “Expenses Slayer”? Because this pays for all my expenses in my daily life so I can use the rest of my money to invest in my business or to enjoy!

I Send You Sales

Twice per month, I will use your affiliate link and send it to my list

I make anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 per day
That means you will have the chance to tap into that income for FREE

You sit back and let me send you money
Sounds good?

This Is The LAZIEST Way
To Make An Income Online!
(And I PRIDE Myself In That!)

I believe that an online business should not take up 6 hours of your time per day

I mean, what’s the point of starting one then?

We all want freedom and I am here to give it to you
After being online for many years and trying different strategies, I have condensed ALL the
fastest methods to make an income online into one big program. Which is Income Hero Academy
Do I believe in effort? Yes!

Like I said, you still need to set things up before you can make an income online
But I am sure you can spend 60 minutes of your time to set up passive income machines that will pay you for a lifetime (I don’t think anyone would disagree with this)

But once the work is done, it’s pure passive baby!

Want to scale your income?

Simply spend 10 minutes a day sending emails. DONE!

Why bother shooting Youtube videos, Tiktok Videos, Instagram Videos BLA BLA BLA! (WASTE OF TIME!)
Do they work? Yea

But they take up so much of your time and worst of all, you NEED to show your face.

With my methods, we deal with none of that BS. We simply use proven strategies to bring us pure anonymous income!

What’s The Word On The Street?
Well, it’s quite a busy street

Income Hero Academy By Dan Khan, What Is It Included (Content proof: Watch here!)