Harry House – Dating Tips For Men: How To Meet And Date Beautiful Women

What would you give to unlock the secrets to know precisely how to meet, attract, and date the women you have always dreamed of?

In this guide, you get access to my proven strategy. A strategy carefully crafted through more than two decades of trial and error. Then successfully executed by my clients and myself. I help men to bridge the gap between who they are today and who they want to be! The goal of this book is to truly help as many men as a can.

What you are about to read is unlike any dating advice that you’ve heard before. Unlike the other dating books on the market, Dating Tips For Men is not a fluff piece filled with confusing tactics and theories. Nor is it a marketing tool that tries to upsell you into an overpriced “Bootcamp”.

This straight to the point, no bull guide to online dating will help you find and win over the women you want.

No games. No ridiculous motivation rituals. No weird seduction tactics. Just to the point, actionable content designed to turn you into the optimal version of yourself and provide you with the mindsets and social skills required to transform your life and achieve the romantic victory for which you’ve always strived.

If you are looking for the best dating book for men, you have found it!

  • A proven game plan that will show you PRECISELY how to go from alone, single, and frustrated to meeting an ABUNDANCE of women to find that one woman you have always craved.
  • Learn how to mentally and physically prepare for the dating world.
  • Best practices for the most popular dating sites and apps
  • Draft a stand-out profile that will attract women’s attention. Then learn how to keep her excited and wanting you.
  • Understand the different forms of rejection and how to move past the negative feelings that come from it. Have you ever been ghosted? This book will help!
  • Got a match! Learn how to chat with women and get to that first date
  • Become a pro at moving things to the first, second, third dates, and beyond
  • Need help with your messaging? This practical dating guide for men is packed with sample dating messages and original date ideas
  • Struggling to date as a single father? Learn how to date and still give your kids your love and attention.
  • Stuck at home or having trouble scheduling that in-person first meet. There is a bonus chapter on virtual dating to help with that