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Genevieve Davis – Becoming Magic | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !


Salepage : Genevieve Davis – Becoming Magic

What’s included in this course?

  • Seven Video Chapters. This previously unseen material is filmed with gorgeous motion cutaways and colour images. These videos contain the specific instructions for becoming, creating and doing magic.
  • Audio FAQs recorded in my own voice. These will answer almost all questions you may have as you work through.
  • Assignments, worksheets and downloadable extras.
  • Access to the Q&A Podcasts with me. You are welcome to submit questions for possible inclusion.
  • Full technical support, 5 days a week.
  • You are free to access the full course on your computer, tablet or even on your smartphone.


Now, I know you might be experiencing the very opposite of the life I’ve just described. You might be feeling utterly powerless, lost, or completely disenchanted by life

If only you knew just how much power you have at your fingertips.

I want to begin waking you up to your true potential. Because the truth is, you can do, just about anything.

And in this course, you’re going to discover this for yourself.

Right now. in this moment, you have access to a source of power so enormous, so indescribable it is literally impossible to accurately capture using everyday words. It’s difficult even to comprehend using your rational mind.

In this course, I’m going to be helping you to experience this power, to use it, and eventually come to trust it.

I’ve always called this power, this potential, this process by the catch-all term, magic. To me, there is no more appropriate way to refer to what is going on here than by using this mysterious and totally undefinable term ‘magic’.

But magic is not just fairy stories and waving wands. Magic is real and it’s within your grasp. Magic is available to all.


My life has changed so much since I discovered magic, sometimes I can hardly believe it myself.

But let’s be clear here. When I describe things as ‘magic’, I’m not talking about turning frogs into princes or waving wands. And I’m certainly not talking about anything evil, black or dark.

I’m talking about living your life with ease and grace.

I’m talking about creating things you truly want. With a lightness of touch and a power you never would imagine were possible.

I’m talking about transforming your whole experience of being alive.

Doesn’t that sound like magic to you?

And this isn’t just wishful-thinking – you can read the entire true story of my discovery of magic in my memoir – Becoming Genevieve. It’s all true. It all checks out. And I did it all with magic.