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Energy Healing for Beginners (Audiobook) By Sasvata Sukha – Instant Download!

Energy Healing for Beginners (Audiobook) By Sasvata Sukha

Energy Healing for Beginners
50+ Techniques for Spiritual Awakening & Raising Your Vibration – Crystals, Third Eye & Kundalini Opening, Chakras, Guided Meditations & Hypnosis

So, what exactly is energy healing? Put simply, energy healing is used to describe a variety of holistic healing methods and techniques that promote emotional and physical well-being. It is also sometimes described as manipulating the subtle energy flow in your body to bring us back into balance and harmony. So then, what is the purpose of this specific book?

Our purpose with Energy Healing is to help you access your own healing potential and live a life with clear and balanced energy that promotes the three pillars of a good life: health, happiness, and love! After all, what’s more important than happiness and feeling good? So, here’s a tiny example of what’s inside:

  • The must-know core principles and methods to energy healing
  • The almost unknown practice of sound therapy and how you can use it on your healing journey
  • The basics of metaphysics and why you need to understand universal laws before starting your healing journey (and how you can achieve true unity)
  • The three main pathways to using Kundalini activation for healing
  • Why energy healing wil help you overcome toxic behavior and love patterns
  • The blueprint to using energy to help overcome blocks, release past pain, and start healing from trauma
  • 50+ spiritual techniques and practices to help you heal your energy, raise your vibration, and open your third eye!
  • Exact guided meditations you can use in your daily life to start/finish your day off the right way
  • The tantric perspective on intimacy and how it could revolutionize your love life
  • How understanding these 12 universal laws will lay the foundation for a successful healing process

And so much more!

Energy Healing for Beginners (Audiobook) By Sasvata Sukha, what is it included:

  • Energy Healing for Beginners 50 Techniques for Spiritual Awakening & Raising Your Vibration Crystals Third Eye & Kundalini Opening Chakras Guided Meditations & Hypnosis.mp3
  • EnergyHealingforBeginners50TechniquesforSpiritualAwakeningRaisingYourVibration-Crystals_ep7