Chris Parker – 30 Minute Pull

Discover How To Meet Hot Women and take Them home from the daytime & nightlife in under 30 minutes

…Without scripted tactics or Ever pretending to be someone you’re not!

Hi, I’m Chris Parker

THE MEN’S Dating Expert

I help men meet, hookup and date 2-3 (or more) hot women a week from the daytime and nightlife.

…All without using scripted tactics or pretending to be someone you’re not.

My program offers a powerful combination of two things:

  1. a breakthrough method to hookup and date attractive women authentically, and
  2. the ultra-high quality, hands on support necessary to get amazing results fast.

At this point, I’ve delivered +450 of most outrageous client transformations the dating advice industry has ever seen.

The client wins speak for themselves.

Now the question is… will you be next?

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