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Brandon Timothy – Digital Freedom Academy

What You Get:

Module #1

– How to actually make a living on Etsy with only 4 hours a week

– What to NEVER to do when selecting your niche (99% of Etsy sellers make this mistake!)

– The secrets of validating a product with only 20 minutes of research

Module #2

– The little-known SEO formula to apply on your shop page that will bring you herds of organic traffic

– The quickest way to balance keywords and non-keyword factors in your listings (and why it’s so important)

– The single step you must take before going anywhere near your titles and tags

Module #3

 The truth about design softwares that will ensure you’re on the right side of product creation

– The single step you must take BEFORE outsourcing anything in your business

– The little Canva “hack” that will practically force buyers to click on YOUR listing

Module #4

 How to use the “mood board” strategy to skyrocket your brand’s credibility

– The single most important step you MUST take before choosing your shop name

– Why creating the wrong branding can break an Etsy store before it launches (plus how to create one the right way)

Module #5

 How mastering the art of presentation can take your store past $10k/month quicker than you ever thought possible

– The sneaky “visual analysis” trick that generates more sales than you can handle

– How you can use mockups to tell stories so good that your audience has no choice but to press ‘add to cart’

Module #6

– How to rank on the first page of Etsy’s search results without having to watch hundreds of YouTube videos and read dozens of SEO articles

– Why having relevant keywords and search phrases alone does not help your listings get found by customers

– How you have been writing your item descriptions wrong the whole time (and does it really matter?)

Module #7

– The little-known launch plan that can pull in hundreds of sales within the first 10 days

– How to use the “early bird” strategy to dominate a niche as soon as you enter

– The secret to optimizing your shop so the sales keep automatically rolling in every week

Module #8

– How using Etsy ads can put your store sales on complete autopilot (if done properly)

– The easiest way to maximize your revenue by 3x after your product is established

– What you must say to customers to have them running back to your store for more orders

– The single most effective scaling strategy to take your Etsy store past multi 6-figures

Additional Bonus Section:

Graphic Designer Evolution Class 

Need help with graphic design? Do you need a refresher on graphic design basics? We got you covered!

Outsourcers Mastery Class

You don’t need to be an expert in everything. Learn how to hire a team, and work with others to achieve your dream.

The Philosopher’s Mindset Class 

A positive mindset is everything. This guide will help you to be mentally prepared for the exciting journey that lies ahead.

Shop Sales Copy Templates 

Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered with these templates of useful sales copy to set up your shop with ease.

Step-by-Step Guidance From a 7-figure Seller