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Awai – The Ultimate Email Copywriting Mentorship & Certification

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

G has prepared six powerful training modules for you, where you’ll learn all the core concepts that you need to succeed as a professional email writer.

You’ll go through the certification material at your own pace, so it’ll fit your schedule (no matter how busy you might be right now!).

Module 1:

It all starts with an incredibly valuable experience! In this first session, you’ll get to watch as G interviews a practice “client” in real time. It’ll be as if this client hired G to write an email campaign for one of their products… and you’ll get to be a fly on the wall as you watch him ask the right questions to write the most successful email marketing campaign he can. G will then explain why he asks the questions he does and how the process will help you write an “A-level” email marketing campaign.

Module 2:

You’ll hit the ground running and learn the secret structure of a successful email and email marketing campaign. You’ll learn how to map out an entire campaign (so you’re ready if your client wants one), and you’ll even learn how to write your very first email.

Module 3:

By this point, you’ll have written your first email. Now it’s time to learn how to write the rest of the emails that are typically found in a full email marketing campaign. You’ll also learn how to harness the powerful secret of “pre-framing” so that you write one winning email campaign after another (making your clients want to hire you again and again).

Module 4:

Congratulations! At this point, you’ll have written an ENTIRE email campaign. (Told you it was simple!) And in this module, you’ll learn the other types of emails a client might ask you to write and gladly pay you for, giving your income a nice boost!

Module 5:

You’re almost a full-fledged email-writing expert! In this module, you’ll get a “crash course” in email marketing (so you can be even more valuable to your clients) and then learn a powerful method for landing your first email-writing client.

Module 6:

You’ll finish things off by learning one more client-getting method that works like gangbusters… offering to do an email marketing audit! Audits are a powerful way to get your foot in the door with any client. G will show you his process for doing this kind of audit, so you can leverage it to move your writing career forward, FAST.

Secrets to Writing Emails Like the Pros:

One of the things you’ll learn is that G is committed to helping TRANSFORM your writing career.

The goal is to turn you into a successful email writer. So to that end, as soon as you register, you’ll be able to “dive in” to your training through a series of three “pre-training” modules.

These modules will give you the solid foundation you need to hit the ground running and master this lucrative skill.

You’ll discover…

  • How email writing can enhance every other writing skill you’ll ever learn as a copywriter or top-earning writer…
  • The critical mindset shift you NEED to make if you want to become a successful email copywriter…
  • How to develop confidence as an email writer and show that to your clients…
  • What a “sideways” sales letter is and why it is one of the most important email-writing concepts you’ll EVER learn…
  • The basic components of every email and every email marketing campaign…
  • The simple (C+B+P) formula for writing irresistible subject lines your readers just HAVE to open. (Your clients will be floored when they see their “open rates” soar!)…
  • And much more.