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Art & Science of Trend Trading Class with Jeff Bierman – Instant Download!

Art & Science of Trend Trading Class
with Jeff Bierman

In this 3 hour online class you will learn:

  • The Six Steps for Developing a Trend Trading Strategy so you can develop your own strategy that is right for you
  • Step 1: How to select which stock to trade so you can limit your pool of stocks you trade
  • Step 2: How to establish your time horizon so you know how much time you need to give the trade to work
  • Step 3: How to decide on your trade size so you can position size just right for any account size
  • Step 4: How to Determine the trend trading indicators you use based on factors that are just right for you
  • Step 5: How to configure your strategic entry and exit points so you know the perfect time to enter and exit your trades
  • Step 6: How to choose either a discretionary or non-discretionary trade execution so you can create a specialized system for yourself
  • How to determine the trend trading tools you use per the old market saying, “The trend is your friend.”
  • How to determine the right time to make adjustments to your trend trading strategy
  • Why trend trading dominates the current markets so you understand the guts of the trend
  • How to minimize your risk and maximize your returns like never before with specific insights beyond ANY classes available ANYWHERE!

As an added bonus:

BONUS: 16-video series on thinkorswim

Art & Science of Trend Trading Class with Jeff Bierman, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

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  • Art & Science of Trend Trading Part 1
  • Art & Science of Trend Trading Part 2
  • Art and Science of Trend Trading Class