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ZipTraderU 2022 – Your Map To The Stock Market By ZipTrader – Instant Download!

Your Map To The Stock Market

Letter From Charlie

Hello Folks!
I was drawn into trading because I fell in love with the game of the Stock Market. However, just like any endeavor worth taking – there are many obstacles in the pathway.


✅When I first started learning, I quickly became overwhelmed & intimidated by the massive amount of information and apparent opportunities at my disposal. I knew that the answers were out there and felt the intense urge to act immediately and start making progress.


💡I’ve created ZipTraderU to help you speed up that learning curve. I will take you step-by-step through the entire process in our detailed lessons and continuously test you along the way. I am a huge believer in education and a huge believer in growing with the live support of your fellow members.


📚An Education can take you far, but you are going to need to put in the work to practice and reinforce the material. Thus we focus on taking action. This course has been designed to provide clear and actionable steps that you can take, but also consistently reinforces the material with quizzes and prompts to carry forward in the market.


🔎Since the beginning, ZipTrader has been focused on getting results and simplifying the methods that lead to those results. We are focused on giving you the tools to GROW your skillset and eventually NO LONGER NEED US. We believe that self sufficiency is the ultimate goal of any good trading education.

🎓ZipTraderU is founded on the idea and understanding that a great trading education should focus on realizable goals laid out in a digestible and actionable process.


🚨The truth is, everything you need to know to develop your skillset can be attained by your own extensive effort, time, and through trial and error. The goal of ZipTraderU (and our free YouTube content) has always been to make that process easier and more efficient. We’ve always had a less is more mentality that presents and simplifies concepts without watering them down. We focus on skillsets with the highest impact instead of bombarding you with abstractions. Our goal with this course is for you to have a clear roadmap for skill development and a healthy environment to work hard, test yourself, and be encouraged if needed.

⚠️We DO NOT believe in telling our members what to trade & when to buy and sell. We present morning briefings for making our members aware of some of the biggest events and catalysts in the market. But it is up to you to apply your knowledge and decide whether it makes sense to take any positions.

Upon JOINING ZipTraderU, You Will Get

✅8+ Hours of Actionable Step by Step Videos & Written Tutorials

✅Breakdowns of How To Play Charlie’s Favorite Sectors

✅Charlie’s Top Stocks & their respective Price Targets for his high conviction plays

🎓What Students We Want..

Our objective is to help you grow your skillset. In order for this to be possible, we expect students that are willing to do the following.

✅Focus On CONSISTENCY and understand that trading is skill that takes both time and effort to develop.

📓Take an ACTIVE Approach To LEARNING by Answering ALL Quiz & Practice Exercises

🥽 Practice a CONSERVATIVE style of trading that prioritizes good practices that lead to long term gains over short term profits.

Some Things We Want You To Know About This Course:

✅You Don’t Need ANY prior experience (Beginner Friendly)

🏃🏻‍♂️The Course is Completely Self-Paced (Take Your Time!)

📆Constructed For Variable Position Focuses (Day & Swing Traders)

💡Suitable For Anyone World-Wide

📈What Do Our ZipTraders Say?🏆

ZipTraderU 2022 - Your Map To The Stock Market By ZipTrader

ZipTraderU 2022 - Your Map To The Stock Market By ZipTrader


As A ZipTraderU Student, You Will:

🔰Discover Opportunities thanks to Charlie’s Morning Briefings
🔰Study how to utilize DIFFERENT types of trades and capital at the same time to expedite growth
🔰Learn How to Set your Own Price Targets
🔰Absorb how to understand catalysts such as FDA approvals, Earnings, & News Releases
🔰Be Competent in PROTECTING your capital and MINIMIZING your downside
🔰Become SELF SUFFICIENT in learning how to identify opportunities on your own

Course Curriculum


  • WATCH FIRST: Welcome to ZipTraderU!
  • Passing Quizzes & Taking Action
  • Join Our Private Chat & Morning Briefings
  • Price Targets List (Updated When Targets Are Changed)
  • Spread The Word!

Getting Started

  • The Trader Mindset: HAVE THIS!
  • Basics: Know These Before Starting
  • Time Hacks: Trade With Full-Time Job or School
  • The PDT Rule: How To Get Around it

Using Your Broker

  • Broker Secrets: How To Choose A Broker
  • Platform & Indicators Setup
  • How To Enter & Exit A Trade
  • Don’t Have ThinkorSwim? Watch This!

Beginning Chart Analysis

  • Price Action 101: Evaluation & Risk Vs Reward
  • Price Action 102: Trendlines & Trading Channels
  • Volume & Float: What To Know
  • Pre-Market & After-Hours: Use Them!
  • Position Sizing: How To Determine BEST Size

Making Trades Using Indicators & Patterns

  • Focus Of Indicators: Putting Odds In Your Favor
  • SMA: Finding Entry & Exit Points
  • RSI: Finding A Good Deal
  • MACD: Gauging Strength
  • Direction is ESSENTIAL
  • Learning From Previous Patterns
  • Powerful Way To Find BEST Breakouts
  • HIGH Probability Setups: KNOW THESE
  • Picking BEST Time Frame
  • AGGRESSION: Finding Aggregation Periods
  • When To Exit: Cutting Losses & Taking Profits
  • Trading Checklist
  • Stacking Elevating Factors: INCREASE your ODDS
  • The 7-Step Test: Stacking In Your Favor

Smart Trading Techniques

  • Creating A Plan: Step-by-Step
  • Position Timing: How To Calculate Length Of Position
  • Best Way To Set ALERTS
  • How To Choose Order Types
  • Easiest Way to find SWING STOCKS

Fundamentals: What They Tell Us & How To USE them

  • How I Use ANALYST Price Targets
  • Trading Earnings Plays
  • Trade Like The Insiders
  • Look for HYPE Sectors: Marijauana, Natural Gas, Penny Stocks, 5G, Etc
  • How To Trade On Both Good & Bad News
  • FASTEST Ways To Find NEWS
  • Stock Splits: What They Are & What To Do
  • SEC Halts: What To Do
  • Share Offerings: Be Aware of These!
  • How To Read SEC Filings
  • Delisting: What To Do
  • 5 Steps To Trade During Downtrends

Biotech Toolbox

  • Biotech Worksheet: Step-by-Step
  • Trading Biotech Catalysts: My Process

ETF Toolbox

  • ETF’s: Best Tool For Consistent Growth
  • 3 Rules of ETF’s
  • List of Leveraged ETF’s
  • Let’s Trade! (Three DIFFERENT Scenarios)

Value Dipping (Multi-Day, Multi-Week, Multi-Month)

  • What Is Value Dipping?
  • How To Set Price Targets
  • When To Cut Losers
  • When To Cut Winners
  • Averaging Up & Down
  • Averaging Out

High Conviction Portfolio Strategy

  • Intro To Strategy
  • Finding Stocks
  • Toddler Crawls: 5 Steps To Break Down A Stock
  • Simple Way To Value A Company (Spreadsheet)
  • In-Depth Price Target Template 2022 [Subject To Adjustment]
  • Upgrading & Downgrading Price Targets
  • The Fed Controls The Market

Course Aids & Useful Files

  • Journals & Spreadsheets
  • Student Notes on Price Action
  • Student Prepared Course Notes (256 Pages)

Scanners Setup: ThinkOrSwim

  • Morning Scanner: Walkthrough
  • Overreaction Scanner: Walkthrough
  • Powerful Pattern Scanner: Walkthrough
  • Automatic Watchlist 101

Closing Remarks

  • Did You Like ZipTraderU?
  • Refer A Friend!

Bonus Module: How Do Options Work?

  • Options 101: Should You Trade Them?
  • Reading Options Tables

ZipTraderU 2022 – Your Map To The Stock Market By ZipTrader, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • 1. Welcome!
  • 2. Getting Started
  • 3. Using Your Broker
  • 4. Beginning Chart Analysis
  • 5. Making Trades Using Indicators & Patterns
  • 6. Smart Trading Techniques
  • 7. Fundamentals What They Tell Us & How To USE them
  • 8. Biotech Toolbox
  • 9. ETF Toolbox
  • 10. Value Dipping (Multi-Day, Multi-Week, Multi-Month)
  • 11. High Conviction Portfolio Strategy
  • 12. Course Aids & Useful Files
  • 13. Scanners Setup ThinkOrSwim
  • 14. Closing Remarks
  • 15. Bonus Module How Do Options Work
  • 0. Proof.pdf