Yarimi University Course

Course Overview:

Our goal.

At Yarimi University, our objective goes beyond financial pursuits. Indeed, we seek to empower our students comprehensively, addressing facets of their lives including financial, mental, and psychological well-being. The intention is to mold them into the best versions of themselves, enabling them to navigate the markets confidently, unburdened by external concerns or stressors.

Why Choose Yarimi University?

In the early stages of my trading career, I failed to locate a resource that offered a comprehensive guide from start to finish for becoming a successful trader. The market adheres to algorithmic patterns consistently. Our objective is to transmit this valuable information to those eager to learn and cultivate successful trading habits.

A universally applicable method for Currencies, Stock indices, Cfd’s, and the Crypto market. Yarimi University will guide you from ground zero to mastery by instructing you in a manner contrary to the approach employed by 95% of traders worldwide!


We will educate you on adopting an algorithmic approach to the markets and developing a winning edge combined with elite risk management.


Cultivate the mentality of a trader devoid of emotions. Rather than chasing profits that might be elusive in current market conditions, apply active trading strategies.

Secure Funding.

Upon graduating from Yarimi University, witness your confidence and self-belief soar as you enter the market with a data analyst’s behavioral approach. You are now prepared to apply your knowledge in the real world. Undertake two proprietary firm exams, implement our teachings, and if successful, you will trade capital worth up to seven figures.