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Yann Couvreur – Teaches Elite Parisian Pastries 2023

Born and raised in Paris, Yann Couvreur is now the founder of over 10 Parisian pastry boutiques. He opened his first one in Paris and, since then, has opened many more in top locations worldwide. Now, the leading French pastry chef lets us in on the secrets behind the top-selling pastries in his shops and teaches us how to make them at home or in a pastry kitchen. Starting with the basics: ingredients, techniques, and a delicate approach, it’s time to create pastries hand-in-hand with Yann: Paris-Brest Eclairs, Mont Blanc, Merveille, Isatis Tart, and the world-famous masterpiece a-la-minute Mille Feuille that you can eat with a spoon!

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