W.D. Gann’s – Square Of 9 Applied To Modern Markets (Lifetime Updates)

Part 1: An Introduction to the Square Of 9 – Why Is Gann Using Squares?
Master Charts – The Square Of 9

Proving the 45 Degree Angle(1X1)

Finding Squares In Nature

What Are Timekeepers?

Gannzilla Software Walkthrough

Part 2: Converting Time Into Price
Active Angles & Degrees

Converting Time Into Price: Solving For The Y-Axis

Advanced Concepts Using Numerology

Quantum Leaps In Price

Part 3: W.D. Gann’s Mechanical Method
How To Apply Gann’s Rules To Modern Markets

Rule #1 – Trading On Trend Line Indications Only

Price Ahead Of Time

Rule #2 – Buying At Double And Triple Bottoms

Rule #3 – Selling At Double And Triple Tops

Rule #4 – Fourth Time At The Same Level

Rules #5-7 Ascending Bottoms, Descending Tops & Active Markets