In the Trading Tickers DVD provided by Tim Grittani you will learn everything about day trading through his mistakes as well as his live trade examples.

Learn to day trade from Tim Grittani’s mistakes in his DVD course Trading Tickers

Most people remember Tim Grittani as the trader who turned $1500 of his own money into almost 2.7 million dollars in four years. Early in his career, he was quite excellent at blog entries and responding to inquiries, but it became overwhelming because many of the questions were repeated. As a result, he created it with the intention of putting everything in one place to answer the most fundamental questions, followed by going into great depth and showing the patterns that have worked for him. As a consequence, Tim Grittani included this DVD, Trading Tickers, which covered all of the fundamentals as well as a unique approach that he utilized and provided live trading examples of.

Tim Grittani’s DVD Trading Tickers will shed light on what a genuine trader is since it provides you genuine examples of him trading live, losing, winning, and it felt like you were sitting next to him rather than watching it online, something you may have never experienced previously while watching a course. Most courses out there give you the big picture and just show you photos of charts, which are all hindsight, however this Trading Tickers DVD was all live action in the present, which will get you off to a solid start in trading.

Trading Tickers by Tim Grittani is a thorough DVD course that includes 6 DVDs with a total capacity of 5.2 GB that goes into detail of his technique, shows his live trades, and provides live commentary on why he trades the way he does. You may also watch him suffer losses and learn how to handle losses, as well as gain insight into a trader’s psyche.

Meet your Trading Stickers speaker Tim Grittani

Tim Grittani
Tim Grittani

Tim Grittani is one of Tim Sykes’ best pupils, a penny stock trader and teacher who became a self-made billionaire at the age of 22. He made $10 million in earnings after investing only $1,500 of his own money. For those keeping score, Tim Grittani has now doubled Tim Sykes’ profits in half the time, and they have been highlighted on FOX and CNN along the way. It took Tim Grittani nine months to become consistently profitable in penny stocks. For the first three months, he didn’t even trade; all he did was learn. He participated in the chat room and watched video tutorials. It was not easy for him to begin trading when he did. He deleted his first account. It’s challenging when you’re just starting out in trading. You may assume you have a firm grasp of the markets. We can promise you that there is always something new to learn.