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Tradesmart – Nq Price Action Mastery

Tradesmart - Nq Price Action Mastery

The aim of this course is to train you to master Nasdaq Futures price action.

This Comprehensive Training Covers…

Session 1

  • Gaps in structure – How to identify/recognize them

  • Pivot Gaps – sell set up and buy set up using breaks of structure

  • Gaps for pullbacks, entries and targets

  • Liquidity Voids and Liquidity Pool Hunts

  • The Market Cycle – Accumulation, Manipulation and Distribution

  • How to read the accumulation phase pre-cash open for next move

  • The importance of the midnight and 8:30 am ET price

Session 2

  • Order Blocks – Simple, Propulsion and Rejection Order Blocks

  • What to expect in the afternoon session using the lunchtime move

  • The 1pm Manipulation Signal for the next move

  • Calculate the Expected Daily Move using price action alone

  • Putting it all together

SIZE: 2,1 GB

SalesPage(more info)

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Tradesmart - Nq Price Action Mastery