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Top 10 Tactical Gun Skills (downloadable) By Vladimir Vasiliev – Instant Download!

Top 10 Tactical Gun Skills (downloadable) By Vladimir Vasiliev

Top 10 Tactical Gun Skills (downloadable)

Train to develop the skills needed to handle a gun with speed, precision, and covertness.

Available with Spanish translations by Bratzo Barrena.

The goal of Systema training is not techniques, but rather unconditionally subtle and precise movements with calm and powerful control over the weapon, the body, tension, emotion and awareness.

When you train with a weapon yourself, you will know and sense how an attacker may be handling it.

In this instructional film, Vladimir Vasiliev shows how to develop 10 skills essential for handgun mastery:

  1. Calmness
  2. Internal and external awareness
  3. Grip dexterity
  4. Draws – static and dynamic
  5. Speed work
  6. Non-dominant hand use
  7. Subtle work
  8. Wrist work
  9. Off-target deployment
  10. Escapes from gunpoint

Top 10 Tactical Gun Skills (downloadable) By Vladimir Vasiliev, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • Tactical Gun Skills HD