Tom Kolso – 3 Day Happy Mouth (English version)

We are now offering for one-time payment of access to the video replay of the 3 Day Happy Mouth™, professionally filmed with Dr Tom Kolso facilitating the class.
The class was given in English. This is our most up-to-date class at present. You can give Happy Mouth sessions after taking this class.

The 3 day class is information-rich as well as containing the activations for the various systems, clearings for past traumas and dramas around teeth, gums, eating, jaws, and communication, and participants are able to ask questions about their own dental health which leads to even more fascinating insights.

Instructions are given for running the points as sessions on others, and participants practice this in the class. In addition the manual contains the charts and instructions for accurate location of the points on the head, as well as protocols for delivering sessions.

The systems and points covered in the 3 day class include:

  • Dontal Generative System,
  • Bone & Lymph Restorative System,
  • TMJ Restorative System,
  • TMJ Generative System
  • Tooth Structural Integrity System,
  • Gingival Generative System,
  • Gingival Restorative System
  • Salivary Gland Generative System,
  • Hair Generation Activation Point
  • Youthening Activation Point
  • and a number other points.

Protocols to activate tooth buds to regrow teeth, gums and regenerate nerves are also given in the class.

Other topics covered include mercury amalgams, phobias about dentistry, receding gums, bone loss, clenching & grinding, dental implants, and wisdom teeth.

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