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Tom Cross – The Art & Technique of Film Editing | Instant Download !


Salepage : Tom Cross – The Art & Technique of Film Editing

Arichive : Tom Cross – The Art & Technique of Film Editing

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Go behind the curtain of Hollywood filmmaking with Oscar-winning editor Tom Cross, ACE

as he teaches you the practices that are expected of feature-film editors,

as well as the processes and methodologies that have made him one of the leading editors working in the industry today.

Over eight hours, Tom’s masterclass combines thoughtful lectures with in-depth deconstructions of

scenes from many of Tom’s biggest projects including La La Land, First Man, Whiplash and more,

making it a must-see for editors and filmmakers of all levels and genres.



Setting Up Your Cutting Room

Requesting Your Technical Specifications

Script, Camera, and Sound Reports

Wall Cards

Know Your Footage

Editorial Crew



The Editor and Director Relationship

Rough Cuts

Asking The Right Questions

Editing Style

Tom’s Biggest Influences

Conveying Information

A Lesson from Tim Squyres

Choosing Selects

The Rough Cut

Character and Point of View

Is There a Wrong Way to Edit?




Insert Shots

Screenings and Feedback

Introduction to Hostiles

A Guide to Whiplash, the Short Film

Whiplash, the Feature Film

Setting the Tone in Whiplash

Contrasting Styles in Whiplash

Dinner Scene in Whiplash

Whiplash Ending

La La Land Opening Sequence

La La Land Roommate Dance

La La Land Montage

A Walk through Hollywood in La La Land

Introducing the Main Characters in La La Land

Morphs in La La Land

Timing in La La Land

Contrast in La La Land

Checker Boarding Character Storylines

First Man Opening Sequence

Juxtaposition and Rhythm in First Man

Documentary Style in First Man

The Training Flight Crash in First Man

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