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The Stiff & Unstable Shoulder By Jared Powell – Instant Download!

The Stiff & Unstable Shoulder By Jared Powell

The Stiff & Unstable Shoulder

The stiff (most often in the form of frozen shoulder) and unstable shoulder can be challenging clinical presentations, for clinicians and patients, alike.
I am consistently asked “what is the best way to treat a frozen shoulder”, and “how do I manage a shoulder that keeps dislocating!?”
In order to efficiently and effectively respond to these large questions, I have created an online course that specifically addresses the often vexing stiff and unstable shoulder.

The end result?
You will:

  • Have an in depth understanding of the pathology underpinning a stiff or unstable shoulder and how this may inform management
  • Learn how to accurately detect a frozen shoulder or an obscure unstable shoulder via simple interview and objective techniques
  • Have increased confidence to manage stiff and unstable shoulder presentations, which have historically proved to be challenging and complicated cases
  • Be able to collaboratively manufacture an evidence-based pathway for those suffering to return to function and valued activity

The Stiff & Unstable Shoulder By Jared Powell, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • Course Introduction
  • The Stiff shoulder
  • The Unstable Shoulder
  • 0. Proof
  • Exam