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The Rotator Cuff: Parts 1 & 2 Bundle By Jared Powell – Instant Download!

The Rotator Cuff: Parts 1 & 2 Bundle By Jared Powell

The Rotator Cuff Part 1:
In this comprehensive online course, designed for musculoskeletal health professionals, we take a deep dive into the epidemiology and aetiology of rotator cuff pathology, subacromial impingement and why it’s being heavily challenged, pain and it’s relationship to shoulder patho-anatomy, predictors of clinical outcomes, and the utility of radiological imaging.

The Rotator Cuff Part 2:
In this follow up course to Part 1, we focus on putting theory into practice and teach you how to conduct a thorough and appropriate subjective and physical examination of the shoulder, and to develop an effective treatment plan for patients with rotator cuff pain.

The end result?
This course will equip you with:
An in-depth understanding of all things rotator cuff, a firm grasp of the scientific literature behind who gets rotator cuff pathology and what factors influence recovery or not, you will know accepted terms to use for diagnosis and the role of imaging in clinical decision making.
Actionable strategies and knowledge to use immediately in clinic when treating shoulder pain to improve patient outcomes and recovery.
Improved subjective examination skills to arrive at the most important information
An understanding of how to perform a thorough physical examination that is based on modern research. What should you include and what should you leave out?
A detailed understanding of the contemporary evidence behind physiotherapy, surgery, and injection therapy for managing rotator cuff pain and how these interventions compare to each other.
The skills to be able to effectively ascertain suitable times frames for recovery
Evidence-based strategies around exercise prescription for rotator cuff pain
By the end of this course you will have a robust understanding of the nuances of the shoulder joint and how to apply these principles in clinic to better help your patients.

The Rotator Cuff: Parts 1 & 2 Bundle By Jared Powell, , what is it included (Content proofWatch here!)

The Rotator Cuff – Part 1

The Rotator Cuff – Part 2