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The Logical Thinking Process Online Course By Bill Dettmer – Instant Download!

The Logical Thinking Process

Online course

You are a manager and you have to answer questions such as “what to change? What to change to? and How to cause the change?”

You need to overcome resistance to change and find beneficial solutions.

To do so, you need to gather the insight of your colleagues and communicate your ideas.

The Logical Thinking Process is nothing less than a broadly applicable, systems-level approach to policy analysis. The LTP will help you develop and implement solutions successfully.

We created this website to offer you everything you need to learn on-line the process to construct the logic trees of the Logical Thinking Process while simultaneously ensuring that the results are more logically sound and closer representations of reality.



The Logical Thinking Process (LTP) training is now offered ON-LINE.

These training workshops have been in the past unique, hands-on, face-to-face events. And having the privilege of conducting them in Paris for many years now has been really special. But the pandemic has squashed for now the unique benefit of a face-to-face gathering with people coming from all over the world.

Many people have asked me whether the LTP training would be offered online. And I’ve had to say, “Not for the foreseeable future.”

But now that has changed.

In concert with my partners Marris Consulting, we reformatted the LTP workshop into an online course.

BILL DETTMER, Senior Partner, Goal Systems International

The Logical Thinking Process Online Course By Bill Dettmer, What is it included (Content proof: Watch here!)