The Importance of Re-Framing and Congruency in Game by Arash Dibazar | Instant Download !



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“My name is Arash Dibazar. I am a Martial Artist, Lifestyle Coach, and Professional Pickup Artist. Welcome to my site.

About myself: I have studied the Pickup Arts for over 10 years now. I was trained by the best (Mystery & Matador from VH1′s The Pickup Artist), and over the years I have developed my own unique style of pickup.

I believe that seduction is an instinct that is present in every man, an instinct that can be awakened with the right guidance. My goal is to teach and guide as many men as I can. Are you ready to start living the VIP Lifestyle?”Lecture: THE IMPORTANCE OF RE-FRAMING AND CONGRUENCY IN GAME A Pick up/Seduction artist must be able to re-frame situations in a way so that they are perceived in his favor. An otherwise ordinary moment can be transformed into something significant with your words.It is also important for your beliefs and actions are in sync with one another. If they are not, women will be able to sense your inauthenticity and reject you.

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