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  • Leverage sexual wellness to improve skin, gut and endocrine health
  • Learn how to love your body and that of your partner in all their supposed “flaws”
  • Find a natural way to tackle your hormonal and fertility issues, including Polycystic Ovaries, naturally
  • Unpack the unique Ayurvedic perspective on aphrodisiacs as energy-boosters
  • ‘Get’ Ayurveda’s right conditions for healthy sexual expression
  • Balance the masculine and feminine energies in your body
  • Restore the fiery, juicy energy in your “dry” relationship
  • Discover the right sexual and physical hygiene that respects your inner ecology
  • Learn techniques to have longer, more blissful orgasms with your partner and help him or her achieve the same
  • Regain vitality holistically without synthetic hormones or harmful drugs (like Viagra)
  • Boost your stress-response and improve immunity
You have:
  • Had conversations about sex in the context of your “sex life.”
  • Seen explicit images from media suggesting what you should and shouldn’t be doing in bed…
  • Read health and beauty sites telling you “5 ways to be more attractive to your partner” or “7 tips to conceive in your forties….”

But here is what they NEVER tell you:

  • It is “LIFE,” NOT “SEX LIFE!”

Your sexual wellness is not a “side topic”, no matter what your age, it is a HUGE part of your health that everyone should be prioritizing right about now.

Why is sexual wellness that important?” – You may be thinking right here, “and what difference can it make to my health?

Ayurveda explains exactly WHY through its famous 3-pillar theory.

Imagine your health as a portico. Ayurveda explains that this structure is propped by three pillars: the Tristambha of Food, Sleep and Sex. The portico can’t exist without these pillars! Food, sleep and sex hold up your health and influence each other deeply. So if even ONE of these pillars is underrepresented, your overall health weakens!

IS YOUR INNER SCEPTIC rolling her eyes at this point and telling you it’s just SEX…

Well, that’s because we are socialized to view sex as exactly that – JUST SEX! We think sex is limited to pleasure and that pleasure in itself is not that important. Think of the many times people say this in response to your problems…

  • “I have lost interest in sex now that I’m older” – “That’s inevitable, it’s just sex…” (or worse: “just take Viagra or synthetic female hormones”)
  • “I can’t connect with my partner sexually” – “It happens…It’s just sex….” And so on


Let’s clear all that JUDGEMENT for once and give yourself a break to focus on something very unique and very fresh: picture your own body as a treasure chest of health tools. What if you had a powerful tool in this chest, whose TRUE potential you have yet to recognize or use? And imagine discovering and optimizing this tool? How exciting would that be and what an ENORMOUS difference it could make to your overall health and well-being! In other words:


That is why sexual wellness can change your life. Whether you’re sexually active or not, Ayurveda doesn’t have judgements on your choices… Sexual Wellness in this sophisticated science is about balacing and harnessing your powerful sexual energy. In a state of balanced sexual energy, your vital life force or RASA is constantly replenished, keeping you juicy, strong and calm.

And here’s another eye opener….

You can be in any phase of life; a 20-something or a grandparent, you can be single or partnered, a working parent who thinks the fire has gone out of his long-term partnership, you can be asexual or celibate or sexually active. You don’t need to be any particular way to have sexual wellness but just be someone who wants to embrace health.

Here is what life looks like when you have sexual wellness:

  • You LOVE your body and that of your partner in all their supposed “flaws”
  • Your romantic relationships are more meaningful
  • You practice proper sexual and physical hygiene, so you stay disease-free
  • Your endocrine function improves
  • The rasa in your body is constantly replenished, keeping your blood and lymph channels unblocked
  • You have better bone and muscle health, because your rasa is supplying nutrients to every part of your body!
  • You have enhanced immunity and energy
  • Because you have a healthy attitude towards sex and relationships, you are emotionally happy and mentally calm!
  • The masculine and feminine energies in your body flow in balance, so issues like menopause and prostate enlargement are easier to deal with…

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? So how do you get to this place of sexual wellness holistically? You don’t need expensive sessions of couples’ therapy or spend hundreds of dollars on “anti-aging” products or synthetic hormones.

No confusion, no artificial intervention, just this:

Making small RASA-REPLENISHING changes in your lifestyle can bring you in a state of sexual wellness. It is as practical as that and this is where Todd comes in!


Todd is an Ayurvedic practitioner, a teacher, a nutritionist, an herbal medicine specialist, the author of bestselling books such as Food as Medicine, and the executive director of the Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine. Apart from teaching Ayurveda – the Indian science of life – and other wellness modules via conferences and workshops, Todd practices as a clinician in Vancouver and has used his unique interdisciplinary approach to help hundreds manage conditions like arthritis, polycystic ovaries, insomnia and heart disease. Todd’s composite healing methods blend Ayurveda with modern scientific concepts and herbal medicine to achieve wellness by teaching you to listen to your body’s wisdom!

Todd has been practicing medicine for 20 years. In addition to that, he:

  • Has a degree in Western Herbal Medicine from the Coastal Mountain College in Vancouver
  • Has studied Ayurvedic medicine in Coimbatore, India
  • Is a certified herbalist
  • Is a certified panchakarma practitioner
  • Is a yoga practitioner
  • Has extensively researched Chinese Medicine
  • Has authored Ayurveda: The Divine Science of Life as well as co-edited Ayurveda in Nepal: The Teachings of Vaidya Mana Bajra Bajracharya
  • And in 2012, Todd founded the Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine, which offers distance learning programs and a gurukula-style mentorship training program for aspiring practitioners. (Read what people have said about Todd here)

Humble and empathetic, Todd has healed and taught literally hundreds. In his own words:

My goal is to teach both my patients and students to become self-reliant, to develop for themselves an insightful and penetrating vision of health that allows them to see past the hype.

And this is how Todd explains Ayurveda’s definition of Sexual Wellness:

“The third component of the tristambha is brahmacharya, and literally refers to sexual continence and chastity. More broadly, however, brahmacharya relates to practices that are orientated towards the attainment of spiritual consciousness and eternal bliss…. Normal sexual relations are a part of this attainment, as an act reflected in the cosmic principles of creation itself.”

And that’s why Todd’s view of sexual wellness is such a breath of fresh air and so sex-positive! No more thinking of sex as “frivolous” and confusion or myths around sexual wellness and the areas of life it impacts. To help you harness your sexual energy and bring balance into your life, as well as handle very common endocrine and reproductive issues like Infertility, Polycystic Ovarian Disease and Erectile Dysfunction, The Ayurveda Experience is very excited to bring to you a new course by Todd Caldecott:

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