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The Accelerated MTR Blueprint Masterclass 2023 By Jesse Vasquez For Immediate Digital Download!


​ Masterclass and Mentorship Program on the Step-by-Step NO VACANCY Mid-Term Rental Strategy. Learn the Ins & Outs of the Business-to-Business Model for MTR Stays to Secure a Direct Booking & Corporate Housing Contract.
Get Excited!!!
The Accelerated Mid-Term Rental Blueprint Masterclass and Mentorship Program will be LOADED with solutions, basic selling techniques, lead generating, nurturing, conversion tactics, and examples of discovery calls that you can use immediately.
MTR Blueprint on:
The B2B Model How to secure Housing Contracts directly from the Housing Specialist of Travel Nursing Agencies.
Sales Funnel
Creatively Connecting We will not wait for an inquiry or booking to come to us via Furnished Finder or AirBnB. We will be intentional and purposive in our Lead Generating and Nurturing Tactics with the Clinicians, Hospitals, and Recruiters.
Handle and Maneuver Rejections and Objections
What to do when we hit ROADBLOCKS because we will hit them! What if calls aren’t picked up or returned? No problem! We have ways on how to “creatively connect”. If the agency said to send an email, we got you, we have templates. What if we don’t hear back in days or weeks? We have lead nurturing tips and tactics. What if they are not giving us the housing contracts? We can work with recruiters for direct bookings.
Program Overview
Welcome and Introduction
Table of Contents
Course Overview
Key Learning Points
Module 1: Travel Medical Market Housing Opportunity
Table of Contents

Module 1 Overview
Lesson 1. The Travel Medical Market
Lesson 2. The MTR Opportunity
Module 2: Mid-Term Rental (MTR) Investing Foundations
Table of Contents

Module 2 Overview
Lesson 1. Property Acquisition Study
1.1 Rental Arbitrage Overview
Lesson 2. Data Analytics and Due Diligence
2.1 How to Analyze a Mid-Term Rental Market
2.1.a. Travel Nurse Housing Demand for your Area Part 1
2.1.a. Travel Nurse Housing Demand for your Area Part 2
2.1.b Hospital Levels and Why these Matter
2.1.C Points of Interest
2.2 Mashvisor Analytics: Know your Comps
2.2 Mashvisor Demo
Lesson 3. Invest in Design
3.1 Essentials Checklist
3.2 MTR Property Essentials Checklist
Lesson 4. Pricing Strategy
Lesson 5. REI Business 101 Checklist
Module 3: MTR Blueprint
Table of Contents

Module 3 Overview
3.1 MTR Launch Plan
3.1.a. Key Activities and Milestones
3.2. Lead Generation
3.2.a Set-up Furnished Finder Account
3.2.a Furnished Finder Walkthrough
3.2.a Furnished Finder Walkthrough Part 2
3.2.a Furnished Finder Walkthrough Part 3
3.2.a Furnished Finder Walkthrough Part 4
3.2.a Furnished Finder Walkthrough Part 5
3.2.b Data Mining Travel Agencies in your Area
3.2.c Build your Masterlist (CRM 101)
3.2.d Probing Questions
3.3 Pitch Perfect
3.3.a 7 Must Haves Skills for a Highly Persuasive Person
3.3.b Persuasive Selling Format 101
3.3.b Sample MTR Persuasive Selling Format
3.3.c Sample Elevator Pitch
Sample Cold Calls
Cold Calls Part 1: Hospital HR Main Line
Cold Calls Part 2. Hospital HR Associate
Cold Calls Part 3. Voicemail to Travel Agency Recruiter
Group Mentoring Recordings
August 25, 2022
September 1, 2022
September 8, 2022 with Liz Rivera
September 15, 2022 with Rafa Loza
September 22, 2022
October 6, 2022
October 13, 2022
October 20, 2022 with Host Financial
October 27, 2022 with ShowPlace HQ
November 3, 2022
November 10, 2022
November 17, 2022 with Derek Fujikawa, CPA
December 1, 2022
December 8, 2022
December 15, 2022
December 29, 2022 with Tanishia on Insurance Reclocation Claims
January 05, 2023
January 12, 2023 with Datha Santomieri of Steadily
January 19, 2023
January 26, 2023
February 2, 2023
February 9, 2023 with Austin Largusa on Creative Financing
February 16, 2023
February 23, 2023
Module 4: MTR Launch Plan
Table of Contents
Module 4 Overview
4.1.a Revisiting the Launch Plan
4.1.b Detailed Launch Plan
Maneuvering the NOs
4.2 Creatively Connecting
4.2.a Build Instant Rapport
4.2.b The Power of Using a Name
4.3. Persuasive Selling Review
4.4. Be Linked!
4.4.a Benefits of Being Linked
4.4.b LinkedIn Profile 101
4.5 Networking
4.5.a Building your Network
4.5.b. Creatively Connecting and Lead Generating
4.5.c. Connecting Best Practices
4.5.d Generating Warm Leads
Module 5: MTR Lead Nurturing and Conversion Strategy
Table of Contents

Module 5 Overview
5.1 Consistency & Follow-through
5.1.a Discover Call Part 1
5.1.b Discover Call Part 2
5.1.c Discovery Call Part 3
5.2. Maneuver Objections & Rejections Overview
5.2 Maneuver Objections and Rejections Continued
5.2.a Handling Common Rejections/Objections: Hospital
5.2.b Handling Common Rejections/Objections: Staffing Agency
5.2.c Handling Common Rejections/Objections: Staff
5.3 Lead Nurturing Overview
5.3.a Sample Lead Nurturing Calls
5.3.b Sample Lead Nurturing Emails
5.3.c Sample Lead Nurturing Marketing Leave Behind
5.4 Lead Conversion
5.4.a Easy Next Steps
5.4.b Closing Techniques
5.5 MTR Key Milestones
5.5 MTR Milestones Continued
Module 6: MTR Sales Playbook
Table of Contents

Module 6 Overview
6.1 Sales Playbook Overview
6.1 Sales Playbook 101
6.1.a Sample Brand Deck Format/Landing Page Outline
6.1.b Sample Pitch
6.1.c Sample Corporate Letter of Agreement
6.1.d Sample Corporate Letter of Responsibility
6.2 Other MTR Market Opportunities
6.3.a Three Step Action Plan
6.3.b Time to Level up
Essential MTR/STR Checklist
Sample Leaflet
Cleaning Checklist (English)
Cleaning Checklist (Spanish)
Top Staffing Agencies Directory

The MTR Sales Playbook
Everything you need including Launch Plans, Strategies, Tactics, and Action Steps to set up your Professional MTR Business Building Operations.

Sales Plan and Unique Selling Points
Verbiage, Blurbs, and Pitch Scripts
Sales Tools and Resources

The Accelerated MTR Blueprint Masterclass 2023 By Jesse Vasquez, What Is It Included (Content Proof: Watch Here!