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The 6 Figure Accelerator Program 2023 By Adam Walsh For Immediate Digital Download!


The 6 Figure Accelerator Program 2.0
Learn How To Start & Scale Your Own Marketing Business

Join Adam’s step-by-step mentorship program and learn everything you need to start and scale a profitable marketing business today.

Whether you have no experience or you’re a marketing wiz, I’ll teach you how to sign clients and outsource the work if needed!

Program Contents


Over the span of 10+ hours, the 6 Figure Accelerator program has trainings that cover EVERY aspect of building a wildly profitable marketing agency/SMMA business. This is almost a plug & play system with dozens of success stories to back it up.


Get exclusive bonuses reserved for my private coaching students when you enroll during this limited time offer.


You will be assigned a coach that Adam has personally trained & worked with for over 1 year who will personally answer ANY questions you have on a daily basis. You will get replied to every day. We will give you feedback on your scripts, help you with pricing, identify your bottlenecks, help you close more deals and help you build your team… we’ll help you with everything.


I will give you scripts, templates, contracts, spreadsheets and much more that I use to run my $50k/month SMMA/marketing business. Including contracts for hiring freelancers, contracts for signing deals with clients, sales scripts that have generated over $600k and the systems I use to automate 90% of my business.

Real Success Stories

I have worked with college students, 9-5 workers, established marketers & complete beginners…

Listen To What My Students Are Saying

“Since starting, I onboarded 2 NEW clients in a matter of weeks”
Lorcan went from being unsure & doubtful to working
with 3 monthly clients within 3 weeks of joining.

“I made my investment back in 4 days…”
Dylan signed his first client for £600/month within 1 week of joining the program and is now on track to be making £1,100/month with his agency!

“I’m spending less time working and I’m making more money…”
Jordan learned how to work more efficiently, automate
more of his business and make 2x more revenue.

About Adam Walsh

My name is Adam Walsh. In 2019I started my social media marketing agency and scaled to over $10,000/month in monthly recurring revenue in just 45 days. Since then, I have been able to scale my agency to $54,000/month.

Due to the success of my SMMA business, I started the 6 Figure Accelerator Program which has helped over 100 people quit jobs they hate, build side hustles that pay all their bills and make 6 figures a year working from their laptops & phones (anywhere in the world)…

Inside this program, you get weekly LIVE coaching calls with myself and my head coach, copy & paste templates for everything you could possibly imagine for your SMMA business – contracts, scripts, SOPs, you name it, we have it ready for you to copy/paste… and, new video content added every single month with real, up-to-date strategies that are working right now.

Our goal is to help you build a business that can run without you and gives you the freedom you deserve to live life whatever way you want. I’ve tried many side hustles and businesses over the past 10 years and trust me when I say, this right here is the opportunity I wish I had.

If you’re curious, here’s a little bit more about me…

I didn’t grow up in a rich family, but at a very young age I decided I would never work a 9-5 and I would not live paycheck to paycheck. I saw my family obsess over saving money, using coupons and not buying their favourite foods because they cost too much. I did not want this.

In my early years, I became obsessed with self development, working out, reading books, meditating and becoming a better person in every area of life.

This led me to try multiple side hustles such as dropshipping, private-label ecommerce, Twitter meme pages, Forex/Crypto trading and more.

In 2016, I went to college because my parents wanted me to and I didn’t really have any other options. In college, EVERYONE around me wanted to get corporate 9-5 jobs. I felt out of place and this is when I started to look into SMMA…

In my 3rd year of college, after getting rejected by dozens of big corporations, I started freelancing online. I was offering Facebook Ads, Funnel Building and Email Marketing to business owners – I was a jack of all trades and a master of none…

I had a couple clients that paid me per hour and I was stuck. I couldn’t scale, I couldn’t make more money, I was doing ALL the work, but I still wanted more. That’s when I decided to start my social media marketing agency in 2019 and everything changed for me.

I should have started SMMA back in 2016, but I started in 2019.

You should have started last year, but your time is now.

Ready to do this?

The 6 Figure Accelerator Program 2023 By Adam Walsh, What Is It Included (Content Proof: Watch Here!)